Movie Review: The Last Witch Hunter

If you havd been given a chance to have a gift of immortality, what will you do?? For Kaulder ( Vin Diesel), half of his never ending life is about hunting and slaying all of the bad witches that walked on Earth, as it is his sworn duty to be “The Last Witch Hunter”. Now on the present time, he needs to accomplish one task, to finish what he had thought that he had done, slaying the Queen Witch that started it all.


I do like how they manage to incorporate old tales and modern era, giving the vibe and lightness for the viewers. They have manage to squeeze in what is the modern witches doing at the present day, and how they fit and adapt on the society. I like how Chloe (Rose Leslie) shows of her perkiness, which adds a little flavor of laughs for the movie. I do however, thinks why Dolan 37th (Elijah Wood) is added on the movie, doing nothing for most of the film. It feels like, he is just an extra, popping from scene to scene without no one is noticing him, giving Wood less lines, less perform, less to be seen, if given a sequel.

Vin Diesel though, gave his best impression of what he is in Dungeons & Dragons (young generations.. check on the internet!), as Kaulder. He did what he should have done, combining a lot of movie elements ( Blade, Van Helsing,  Torreto, F&F franchise, Stoick of How to Train your Dragon) but with extra power, immortality, I would say he is Vin Diesel after all, and this movie is co-produce by him and definitely viewers will watched this because of him.

The story itself is very direct and well script, connecting every part from the start to the end. But somehow it loses the wow factor, lacking on the story line progression. It’s like you’re watching it on a loop, the first part that he kills the Witch Queen is the also the last part, showing  flashback of Kaulder’s love ones all over the entire film, giving the viewers the chance to eat they’re popcorn for the sake of waiting it to finish.

All in all, “The Last Witch Hunter” is probably an okay movie. They have provided a new scope of world where witches and sorcery is alive. And they do give some hints of a sequel, to develop the story even further. So I suggest keeping in mind that this movie has potential to it, and can be developed for further more projects to come.

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The Last WItch Hunter is in UAE cineams and right now and you can check out the Trailer below:

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