McDonald’s UAE Launches ‘Create Your Taste’

We had visited the Grand launching of Mc Donald’s Al Ghurair for their newly automated machine selection ‘Create Your Taste’  which lets you create your own burger and the choices of toppings into it. Also payments will be done whether cash or card.

The choice for the kind of bun you like and also to beef it up, to make it cheesy, to make it easy, to make it more tasty depends on your choice of selection. Choices of kind of buns, which kind of cheese whether american cheese, swiss cheese natural, pepper jack cheese, gouda cheese and add ons for a choice of tortilla strips, guacamole a blend of avocado, grilled pineapple ring, grilled onion, grilled mushrooms, choices of fresh N it up, red onions, cucumber slice, jalapenos, elongated pickles and others.
I was amazed with the new way Mc Donalds make it more easier and convenient to their customers and to be able to have great selection and variety of choices to feed their hunger and follow their taste buds.

I really love the new option and the Burger look as tasty as they are. A must try!

Here are some Impressions we snapped:

Here is the official Press Release:

In an effort to add more variety and options to its menu, McDonald’s UAE has launched its new “Create Your Taste” concept to its oldest restaurant in the country located at Al Ghurair Centre, Dubai.

Create Your Taste encourages customers to order from a tablet-like kiosk where they can customize everything from choice of buns and cheese to original toppings and sauces, new to McDonald’s, allowing them to build their own perfect burger, or try new signature burgers namely: The Classic, Grilled Thriller and Hot All Over.

In the upcoming months, customers in other areas across the UAE will also be able to build their own customized burgers from the Create Your Taste platform.

“As a global brand making the UAE its country for the last 20 years, we realised the importance of personalisation to our customers. Introducing ‘Create Your Taste’” is another step in our journey to serve the community we are part of.” said Rafic Fakih, Managing Director and Partner at McDonald’s UAE.

He continued, “We are proud to bring our customers this unique and innovative dining experience, and are planning to roll-out in selective restaurants soon.”

McDonald’s UAE is rolling out Create Your Taste to appeal to customers who increasingly seek to customize their quick service restaurant experience.

Orders placed from the Create Your Taste menu are cooked to order at customized kitchen stations, orders typically take 5-8 minutes to prepare and are hand delivered by a crew member directly to the customer’s table, and arrives open-faced, in a special wooden tray.  Even McDonald’s World Famous Fries® are served in a mini stainless wire basket.

To cap off the distinctive and high-tech dine-in experience, tables will be outfitted with GPS devices so that food is delivered directly to customer’s tables by a dedicated service team.

CYT concept has first launched in California earlier this year, and is gradually expanding to a number of locations across the world.

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