All Nippon Airways shows off a Star Wars themed Jet

Alright, yeah It is not quite an X-wing fighter, but this is certainly about as close as you can get to be flying together with R2-D2.

Boeing and Japanese airline All Nippon Airways unveiled a brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner with an R2-D2 design on Saturday. R2-D2 himself was on hand for the unveiling at Boeing’s facility in Washington, joined by C-3PO and a few stormtroopers. The R2-D2 jet is part of ANA’s Star Wars Project, a five-year partnership between Disney and ANA.

According to the ANA Star Wars Project website, the R2-D2 jet will make its first flight between Haneda and Vancouver on Oct. 18, before starting its regular route between Narita and San Jose from mid-October through late November. From December on, the plane will fly internationally from Japan to destinations like Seattle, Sydney, Jakarta, Beijing, Munich, Paris, and more. Plus, ANA will be the first and only airline to offer all six Star Wars movies as in-flight entertainment.

Boeing and ANA announced the R2-D2 jet earlier this year, but since then, they’ve also introduced two new plane designs — one with BB-8 and one featuring both droids. The BB-8 jet is scheduled to start flying between Japan and North American in 2016, while the third Star Wars plane should start flying domestic Japanese routes in November. (No word yet on whether C-3PO gets his own jet.)

See more photos of the newly unveiled R2-D2 jet below:

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