HP’s Star Wars notebook uses the Death Star as recycle bin icon…

Standard or Star Wars: HP has unveiled two gaming notebooks with 15-inch display. The force is very strong in there, ranging from the looks to the sounds up to the recycle bin – no kidding.

HP has released two new laptops for gamers or rather, the Pavilion 15 Gaming and its special version of the Star Wars style. Basically  both devices are 15.6-inch notebooks with 1080p display (touch option), Skylake processors and Nvidia graphics units. But compared to the 2014 HP 15 Omen the two new ones lack a bit GPU performance, the technique, however, is identical.

The new Pavilion 15 gaming and the Star Wars version of Intel’s stuck current Skylake processors (Core i7-6700HQ with four cores in the Pavilion and Core i7-6500U in the Special Edition), up to 16 GB of RAM, up to 2TB harddisk or up to 1 TB of flash memory or a hybrid solution of a 2.5-inch HDD and an SSD C128in M.2 format. Both devices use an optical drive, if desired, there is as well a real sense depth camera.

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Major differences exist in the graphics unit: In both notebooks  a Nvidia Skylake chip is fitted. In the Pavilion 15 Gaming sits a Geforce GTX 950M, in the Star Wars version a Geforce 940M. Aside from the hardware itself they also differentiate by the look, starting with the red and green illuminated keypad. The touchpad is an X-Wing Target Recognition.
The design of the Star Wars version is kept in style of the dark side of the force, on the display lid you find Darth Vader and on the inside a Stormtrooper. In general HP has consistently worked with the old episodes and provides as well screensavers, sounds and wallpaper to match the theme.

Who wants to can even type his emails with the Aurebesh font. But our favorite adaptation is the Windows Recycle Bin: This has been replaced by the Death Star. Ii it is empty, it shows the completed battle planet – is it  full, the Death Star is still under construction.

There is no clear delivery date yet, but you can pre order the Star Wars version already on the HP website. Probably the date for the availbility will be close to the release of Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens. The starting prices of the two devices are at 800 and 900 euros.


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  1. Windows 10 Home Version Update eliminated Death Star recycle icons, and I can’t change back in Themes Program.

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