September: Fuel prices to go down !

The Fuel Price Committee, chaired by Dr Matar Al Nyadi, Undersecretary for the Ministry of Energy, has announced the revised petrol and diesel prices for the month of September 2015 across all petrol stations in the UAE.

In line with the declining global oil prices, the revised price for the most popular 95 Octane (special grade) in the UAE has been set 8.4 per cent lower than for the current month, making residents happier as this would mean lesser spend at the pump next month.

The new pricing will become effective at midnight September 1, Tuesday, in line with the new system that has been in place for a month now.

Since August 1, 2015, the special grade petrol across fuel stations in the UAE has been retailing for Dh2.14 per litre, up 24.4 per cent from Dh1.72 per litre that UAE residents used to pay during the subsidised regime.

From September 1, it will be retailed for Dh1.96 while prices of 98 Octane (super grade) petrol will drop 8 per cent to Dh2.07.

September Petrol & Diesel Retail Prices in UAE
Product Aug (Dh/l) Sep* (Dh/l) Change (%)
Unleaded Gasoline 98 (Super) 2.25 2.07 -8
Unleaded Gasoline 95 (Special) 2.14 1.96 -8.4
Gasoline E Plus 91 2.07 1.89 -8.7
Diesel 2.07 1.86 -10.1
Source: Ministry of Energy; *New retail prices as announced on August 27, 2015. To come into effect from September 1, 2015

The price per litre of diesel, on the other hand, will further go down from the current Dh2.07 to Dh1.86 starting September 1, a drop of more than 10 per cent.

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