UAE among Top 20 Expat destinations!

Internations has recently revealed the latest Expat Insider showing the most popular Expat Destinations in the World. Compared to last year, not much has changed at the top. Ecuador is still a favorite among expats in many respects, occupying first place in our country ranking. Mexico climbed from a good third place in 2014 to an even better second place this year. Malta, on the other hand, only entered the country ranking in 2015 and already holds third place. Luxembourg, the second country on the podium in 2014, only comes in fifth this year.

Looking at the Middle Eastern Countries Bahrain comes in before the UAE, here is the breakdown:

Place Country
17 Bahrain
19 United Arab Emirates
24 Oman
54 Qatar
61 Saudi Arabia
64 Kuwait

Interesting as well to see is that Kuwait is holding the lantern in this list not only for the Middle Eastern countries, but as well overall!  Having lived in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia I would disagree that Kuwait is worse, but I had been there many years ago, times might have changed..

Not in the above list seen Germany comes in 16 after my home country Poland which is on 15th place.  Interesting as well is that the Philippines are on 18 topping out of Bahrain all Middle Eastern Countries.

Check out the full graphic below:

Top Expat Destinations 2015 - infographic

Check out the full article on Internations here (LINK).

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