Movie Review: Pound Of Flesh

Last night we had attended the Premiere screening of “Pound of Flesh” directed by Ernie Barbarash (Assasination Games) and starring  Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Deacon (Jean Claude Van Dame) was preparing to donate his kindly to his little nine years old niece Isabella, who was dying in the bed in requirement of a Kidney. Her father George registered her name in the list awaiting for the organ to be arranged by the hospital which is naturally taking time. On the day before the arrival a gang of dealers had stolen his kidney to be sold to one rich man. This man is controlling the city through a company called Harmony Corparation which controls the most bars and night clubs in the city with the assistance of the police. The love to his niece pushes him to take a revenge against this issue and to help Isabella to survive. With the help of his old friend and his brother George, Deacon begins the hunt for the man that has his kidney.

The movie is an eye-opener to what is happening in our world today and that the world is facing a humanitarian issue that has evolved into a fairly negative dimensions of murder and robbery of human organs from those who have no other options left in their life becoming an easy target for human trafficking member without pity and mercy. It shows in a pretty scary way on how the human life itself has become an article only for many people and having less value than money.

With the Far East being the setting of the Movie it is happening in an area where crimes for human organ is happening in wide and non-humanitarian way in reality. It is not only the Far East, this is also a worldwide problem mostly happening in third world countries where a huge number of people has no money for daily food, it gives a chance for high profile people to invest in this black market and to generate big money out of it and to give the ones who can afford it a new life.

0001_Movie Still-

What you get is still a typical Van Damme Action flick with loads of fight scenes and Action. Another thing I enjoyed was that there were quite a few twists in the story. Some of these might really surprise you. Whenever you think that you know something up comes something else to consider and change your mind. That said you the movie is backed with some surprises up to the end.

Acme Blog Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

“Dark Places” is showing in UAE Cinemas starting today and as usual you can watch the Trailer below:

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