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If you have been out to any Mall in Dubai or around the city even only a short bit of time chances are very high that you have seen somewhere a Centerpoint, Splash, Emax, Babyshop, Shoe Mart, Max or Lifestyle shop crossing your way.  If you, like me with kids, have to go to some of these very regularly and as well you spend much time in Electronic Stores than all this can get more convenient for you!

All above mentioned shops are accessible through the same internet shop, That means you can save yourself the hassle of finding a parking, running with family through the mall in search of the right items through multiple stores. Now you can do this all through the convenience of the internet, from wherever you want, well as long as you got an internet connection. Another great advantage, you don`t even have to carry it yourself! If will be delivered to your door.

OK, but does it really work well and does it deliver quickly ? Well, we have given it a try for you, and this is what we experienced!

I was looking for a backpack for taking when going to sports so looked around and had a surprising big choice which made it not easy to make a choice, but in the end I took the Kappa Sports Backpack on the cart which came in on 120AED, a fair price.  Another item we had been looking at was a Hand Bag. Unfortunately as well the choice in this section was too huge as that my wife could make a quick decision on it. But after ages of comparing and looking at the available models the choice finally came on the Rouge Olivia Tote Bag which came in at only 399AED. Not enough yet so the wife decided as well to go for a Fiorelli Zip Around Wallet which is really cool on the size, but not an option for me as man, obviously, coming with a price tag of 110AED this one was as well very reasonable priced in our opinion.

Finally it was my turn to check out on some good ol Electronics. First check on the DSLR section showed an OK but not huge choice on Canon Models. From beginner over mid range to full frame all is there, but new releases are sadly missing. I instead opted for a router which I required in order to extend the range at home. I found a pretty cool Linksys one which should do the job, so I added it to the card, with 459AED it had the same price tag as in stores, and I wouldn`t have to park and carry it, so it seemed reasonable to go ahead where usually I prefer to buy the most electronics in store.

Another pretty cool thing is that each order earns you Shukran Points (in case you collect them, I do), and that gives as well the choice to pay with Shukran Points! Or Credit Cards or Cash on Delivery if you rather prefer these methods of payment. We paid by card as it is easier to get anybody taking the delivery in case we are not home.landmark2

But placing the order is only half of the job unfortunately. There is as well the delivery. All items at time of order showed to be delivered within 2-3 working days. This is often promised but in my experience was rather rarely really delivered.  In this case I must say the delivery was spot on. They called in advance and came when they said they would, which never happened to me ordering via Shop and Ship or via


Overall it was a very good experience, gives plenty of choice across all their brands, new items are added as well regularly and the delivery is quick and on time. For me definitely the more convenient way to shop. No searching for Mall Parking, no hassle of carrying things around. All done with a click at the convenience of your home.

And on items over the value of 1000AED you have even the chance to pay them over 3 or 6 installments if you are a customer of Emirates NBD, Mashreq, NBAD or Samba. You see you are getting the full service here.

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