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We had been out last night to attend the Movie Premiere of “Dark Places” courtesy of Front Row Filmed Entertainment. The question of this movie is Can a woman leave her dramatic past behind ? How can you escape your demons when a terrible multiple murder case shapes your life and you just cannot start over? Against this dilemma is Charlize Theron fightning in Dark Places, in which she plays a desperate young woman who gets ever again overtaken by the past.

Libby Day (Theron) had to witness as a young girl in 1985, as her mother (Christina Hendricks) and her two sisters were brutally murdered. Libby was sure that her brother Ben (Tye Sheridan) was in charge and brought him with this statement behind bars. The massacre became a media phenomenon and even 28 years after the murder Libby can not pull herself away from it. When a group of almost obsessive hobby detectives , who are trying to clear out former crimes, contacted her, Libby gets to deal with her past one last time and allows the question of whether Ben is actually the real culprit.

We went with a completely false expectation into this film, because we unconsciously let us confuse with the poster for Let Me In from 2011 and expected a story of eagerly undead. No way! Dark Places presents a thrilling psychodrama with a great Charlize Theron and a even better Christina Hendricks. This is not a loud noisy movie, but a personal, deeply shocking drama in which a family is almost wiped out and leaves so deep scars in the survivors – Libby and her brother Ben. Or, as he aptly talking with his sister at the end of the film says: “You are just as trapped as I am.”


Charlize Theron (Monster, Young Adult) plays as one would expect from her, and provides both strong and vulnerable facets of her role convincingly out. You can feel how Libby herself is rowing as a woman in her late thirties without firm support from one occasion to the next occasion, in herself turned untouchable and acts proud at the same time while actually only wanting to forget her inner exhaustion. One day she meets Lyle (Nicholas Hoult, Warm Bodies) who wants to solve the case with her, because many details are speaking against Ben’s guilt talking. Sometimes his scenes seem a bit poorly designed although the “enlightenment” does not come out of nowhere, but does not look as harmonious. Also worth mentioning is Sweetie Chloë Grace Moretz (Carrie), which does not act quite innocent in Dark Places. Who can look so nice lascivious-torn and simultaneously innocent, is really acting great. Particularly poignant but plays Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), the abandoned wife and mother of four children. She seems so fragile and self-sacrificing, and in spite of the strong reluctance the star of the film.

No, Dark Places is not a drama that would be highly praised at film festivals, but the always alternating dramatic and quiet moments arise with the interspersed flashbacks make up a really good movie that touched. And the tension can in no way be ignored. It is also the subject of Satanism – allegedly discovered by many teenagers in the 80s for themselves – played as a hanger, which manages to confuse the Viewer and leaves him with fascination , wonder and also a bit helpless throughout this film.

I can recommend the film with absolutely clear conscience. For me, it is above average in terms of excitement and Entertainment although the wheel is not reinvented here, but it still surprises at the one or other Occasion.

Acme Blog Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

“Dark Places” is Releasing in UAE Cinemas on July 30, 2015 and as usual you can watch the Trailer below:

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