This weeks Roundup on BBM Stickers

Here we go again with another weeks collection of newly released BBM Stickers Packs. We got this time 7 Sticker Packs which are all housing 20 different stickers and as almost usual all are setting you back 7.29AED per pack.

  1. Joey and Joy by D&B Design, some fun loving little monkeys to enhance your chats.
  2. The Bright Side by viamedia, some stickers giving you a little inspirational feel.
  3. Cheeky Boy by rifalisme, expressions of a curly young kid for your everyday use.
  4. It’s Happy Bunny by Jim Benton, some Happy Bunny Stickers in case you need them.
  5. Bill the Cowboy by PicoCandy, Some fancy happy stickers featuring Bill the Cowboy.
  6. Queen Andrea by Queen Andrea, sine cool graphic artwork stickers.
  7. Philip the Penguin by Christian Agustinus, a hardworking Penguin to identify yourself with in the real world.

You can check below all new Sticker Packs in detail in the Gallery after the Break!

BBM Stickers BBM Stickers BBM Stickers BBM Stickers BBM Stickers BBM Stickers BBM Stickers

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