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Reviewed: 82 American Diner, Motor City

Having spend the last few years before I left Germany to Kuwait almost every evening of the week in an American Diner in my Hometown this was something I have quite missed. A traditional looking Diner in 50s or 60s style that not only looks this way but as well has great Shakes and food (Sorry Johnny Rockets) is rare to find. I had not heard about the 82 American Diner previously, but when passing through Motor City the other night it caught my attention.

Today was no plan for dinner anyways, so we passed by in Motor City. Biggest fear I usually have over there is the parking, but luckily just around the corner is free visitors parking in the building, brilliant, that saves some stress driving in circles trying to find a parking.  Though the Diner has an outside seating area we found it is not the right time of the year to sit outside and hence decided to go in. I love the traditional benches and style of this place with the huge Neon sign lightning on the Wall. Surely this does not match everyone’s favor, but it fits mine.

82 Diner

The menu is quite huge, if you expect only Burgers and fries, as in many American themed Restaurants, you will be pleasantly surprised over here. From Appetizers, to Salads, Breakfast, Hot Dogs, Wraps, Steaks and way more than that, you are surely finding something on the menu that makes you happy. But let me give you an advise: Be wise on your order! The portions are big, and a starter can easily make your main course end in a take away!

We ordered a Vanilla Milkshake, a bottle of water and a Coke as drinks paired with some Garlic Bread as starter, a Texas Steak Wrap, a Regular Hot Dog and a double patty Route 82 Burger with curly fries as well as the Chicken Fingers for the little one.  The drinks arrived first and the Vanilla Milkshake was a perfect one with a great and strong Vanilla flavor, exactly the way I love it. Could it get better? Unlikely.

Shortly after the starter arrived together with the Chicken Fingers of our son. The Chicken Fingers came with a huge portion of french fries which had been very good. The Chicken Fingers were crispy and tasty, I could steal one of the plate of my son and I could have taken these directly as starter. The Garlic bread which we had as actual starter was really tasty as well, but the portion is huge, it is enough for 5 people.

When the main course arrived I was faced with the result of my double patty order. This burger is huge. I had expected a standard size burger ala Counter or Johnny Rockets, but this one tops it all. A single patty would have been absolutely enough. Latest now it was clear that the Cheesecake I had spotted and planned to take as a dessert will not make it towards the table today.  The burger was tasty, the patty was well grilled and juicy. The bun was soft and very tasty, a perfect combination that 100% matched my taste.

The Curly fries which I had ordered as add-on to the Burger where perfect as well, and it is needless to say that the portion was as well oversized. The Hot Dog was among the best ones I had so far (Yeah, I am not a Hot Dog fan) and would alone be a reason for me to pass by in Motor City. The Wrap not only looked great, as well it tastes really good. From all the items we had ordered there was not a single one average or below, all where taste wise brilliant and recommended for anyone who fancies american food.

The staff was super friendly and attentive and left no wishes open. Considering that this is not a huge food chain the combination of great food and really friendly staff marks an exception outside the Fine Dining world in Dubai. I was very surprised by the quality of food and service and would recommend this place to anybody who is in to tasty classic American food. Value for money wise we ended on 182Aed for all the above which is too a very fair price for what we got. If you fancy you can opt in for the all you can eat option as well, but given the size of the dishes we had there would be no way for me on placing a request for a second Burger or Wrap.

Reviewed: 82 American Diner, Motor City
stylish decorated classic American Diner
Loved it, nothing more to say
Great Staff, super friendly and attentive
a Classic Diner the way I like it. Can't wait to go there again.

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