Win a new Canon EOS 100D with the Acme Blog

We are giving away another lovely gadget. This time around we got a new Canon EOS 100D DSLR to give away.

Suitable for beginners and semi professional photographers, the EOS 100D from Canon is a DSLR camera you would love to use; not only because of its great results, but the simplicity with which it delivers them. The 18MP sensor of this black camera helps record extremely detailed and colorful shots of even the most mundane objects.

With an ISO sensitivity of 12,800 (Expandable up to 25,600), you can shoot Full HD noise free images even in difficult lighting conditions. The 3 Inch Clear View II Touch Screen LCD Monitor helps you accurately compose your shots and review the captured images. The touchscreen interface of this monitor makes it easy for you to navigate the settings menu or scroll through the list of images you recently captured.  The value of this camera is 1599AED.

And this is how you can win:

Just participate below and have the chance to win. Please note that this competition is only for UAE based readers. The device will be either shipped via Aramex or handed over in person in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.
Win a new Canon EOS 100D

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107 thoughts on “Win a new Canon EOS 100D with the Acme Blog”

  1. O-M-G! Thank you for this AMAZING oportunity, really <3. So much time wished an opotunity to get a professional camera like this :3. Thank you <3.

  2. This camera will be great to get me more involved in photography and like improve some of my skills.

  3. Ramadan is giving, this is perfect for beginner like me to work on my photography skills. The touch-screen that activates taking a shot is so wonderful, it fits my idea of modern-day photography. I can make the lens focus on any point I wish, even if the subject is a small one. It sort of creates a zone-focus field. I’m reading your blog. This Blog is about up coming movies, latest gadgets, newest trendy apps, must-try restaurants, and daily happenings around U.A.E. #ThePinky&The Brain #Acmelab

  4. Have always wanted canon professional camera , i love photography but somehow unexpected monthly expense is making me stop to buy the camera , what can be better way to win with you

  5. I would give this camera to my husband. He is a Canon lover and hasn’t had a new one in years. He is really good at taking pictures and we could use it now with our little grandson.

  6. I’d love to win this! I have a point and shoot camera that has seen it’s days. Flash no longer works, zoom sticks, etc.

  7. I would love to win this Camera,love to take pictures thanks for the chance

  8. Would love to have this baby! I need a good camera before my kiddies grows up. I want those perfect pictures to be able to look back on.

  9. I’ve only owned cheap cameras before, it would be such a treat to capture quality photos of my grandson, my blog review products and just life, with such a nice camera with Canon, thanks for the chance

  10. WOW!!! This camera looks really awesome. It really does. I have a terrible camera that I bought at Walmart. Its a cheapy. It may take pictures but I do not enjoy them. I have to change the settings each time I turn it on. Its really dark or really light. I also end up missing a great picture shot opportunities. AND, I can only charge it when my computer is on. This camera = AWESOMENESS!!!

  11. Very strange doctrine of nature those who deserve for nothing, Astonishingly they posses everything as compared to rightful one. Working hard from the kick-start day so big wish in life to win stunning digital camera & utilize it for education purpose and raising basic problems of oppressed and poverty-stricken segment through networking on the spot without any slow pace.

  12. Winning this camera would literally make me swoon like a school girl. I love photography. Please Sweepstakes Gods, let me be the one!

  13. I would love to win this camera,if i win i will record the real actions and activities in iraq

  14. This would be an absolute dream control if I won this, thanks for the chance!

  15. Wow. This is a wonderful opportunity to claim this amazing DSLR. Besides, I might just need one before I head over to Turkey during October during my vacation.

  16. Woohhh! I found it just now! What can I say?I love this camera as i love this blog, hoping for the best luck 🙂

  17. I am going to take THIS ONE everyWHERE I GO.. A PERFECT TRAVEL PARTNER.. A special Business Class TICKET for this one 🙂 wish to get lucky.. Linsey pereira ..

  18. I would love to upgrade to digital! I have a Canon Rebel that uses actual film! Still takes great pics though 🙂

  19. Fantastic value for money camera – not just for beginners. It’s very nice quality and well put together and apparently the smallest and lightest digital SLR available. This makes it easy to use although I find it a little bit short on the left side of the lens – but this is a personal opinion and maybe as I has the D350 which is much wider.
    The pleasure from the weight saving is much less strain on my shoulder from the weight saving! The picture quality is excellent and obviously much better with prime lenses than with the kit lens supplied. The kit lens is not to be sniffed at though, it has a very goo optical stabiliser which works really well and is of a useful range.

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