Reviewed: The Huawei P8

 The Camera App

Pictures can either be taken using the touch button in the display or physically by using the volume down key. If pressed an image is then stored within approximately 1 second. The camera app is kept simple. Here you can see very clearly that Huawei is not only externally but also internally inspired by Apple – which continuously reminds the user in the software interface. The camera application has different modes: Light Painting for cars, graffiti, water and star trails. There is a dedicated Beauty mode with varying intensity and there are photo, video and time-lapse. All very funny stuff that as well is really working brilliantly and is not just a stupid gimmick.

Hardware and Performance

The P8 works with Android 5.02 Lollipop. Huawei had announced at the London launch event that an update to 5.1 Lollipop is in the planning. But if and when exactly this update is getting distributed is still unspecified. On top of the Android operating system sits Huawei’s own surface EMUI 3.1. The user interface has no main menu (App Drawer) and therefore spreads all installed apps on the various homescreens. The functions of the Huawei surface are extensive: it can be individualized and highly personalized.

Huawei from its side gives here some useful and as well annoying things with it. For example, an antivirus app or three different ways in that you can save a screenshot. Once method is called Knuckle Sense. The user has to beat with his knuckles twice on the screen to get a screenshot – which did not always work when tried by us. For me this is some gadgetry I could have done without.

Inside the P8 operates a Huawei owned processor – namely the Kirin 930 of HiSilicon Technologies. It has eight cores and a 64-bit architecture and runs on 2.0Ghz. The RAM memory has a size of 3 GB. Connection to the mobile Internet on the phone is made through LTE and can go up to 150 Mbits. For local access there is WiFi – but not the new ac standard, only the old technology of the Stone Age. The personal network can be used via Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC which is up to date.


At the very beginning we asked ourselves whether the device can compete with the top dogs Galaxy S6 and One M9. Now, in several categories, such as camera, the P8 is definitely in front. Well done: the camera, the display, processing and design. Battery and reception and sound were normal, while the software still has some bugs.

The Huawei P8 is a successful all-rounder without any major weaknesses, but many strengths. On the price of 1699AED it is a high-end device for little money. Whoever is thirsty for more battery life and a bigger display should take a look at the P8 Max instead.

Huawei P8


Value for Money











  • good camera
  • simple, intuitive handling
  • High-quality optic and haptic
  • good handling
  • Micro SD slot


  • No WiFi ac standard
  • easily slips out of the hands
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