Reviewed: The Huawei P8


As mentioned initially, for the P8 there will be two memory versions, but Huawei as of now only ships out the 16-gigabyte version. In the unit we had tested we had approximately 6.94 GB of free after having installed plenty of apps. But for the most users that is certainly not enough. Luckily, and exactly therefore, the memory can be expanded up to 200 GB in the phone. All you need is a micro SDXC memory card. But the usage of the memory card limits you to the usage of only one sim card in this dual sim card phone. Personally I don’t require two sim cards in one phone so it is a perfect option.


The battery in the P8 has a size of 2680 mAh. Since the housing is firmly closed it can not be replaced or removed by the user himself. In an ordinary use and set on full screen brightness the P8 lasted around 10.9 hours, which is fair. After that, it must be connected to the power outlet again. With the included AC charging cable the recharging of the battery takes just over three hours. A fast charging technology as known from Oppo, Samsung, Motorola or HTC, is not available at Huawei unfortunately. The software however provides some energy features. For example, there is a very aggressive power saving mode which switches off many features and extends the standby time through this by several hours. In this the only possible things to do is making phone calls and sending messages.


The display used on the P8 is 5.2 inch in size. It is an IPS LCD with a full-high-definition resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. In regards to the quality of the display we found that the appearance is very sharp, colors are accurate and the brightness is good enough for outdoor usage. The degree of severity, measured in pixel density is 424 ppi which is on a very good level as well.

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Huawei P8


Value for Money











  • good camera
  • simple, intuitive handling
  • High-quality optic and haptic
  • good handling
  • Micro SD slot


  • No WiFi ac standard
  • easily slips out of the hands
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