Reviewed: Al Mabrook Mabuhay Restaurant, Fujairah

Yesterday I had planned to drive over to Fujairah in the evening to take some night shots. Unfortunately the weather over there was so stormy and sandy that I wouldn’t pull out my camera. Instead we went to eat something.  Checking the Zomato App  on the currently under review being Huawei Ascend P8 we found out about this Restaurant. So we stopped by.

It is a simple little Restaurant, though nicely decorated and cozy, and it offers basically Filipino food, but not only. You can get Lasagne or Burgers as well. We ordered the Fried Calamaris, Sizzling Mushrooms, Sizzling Tender Tips and Lumpian Sariwa paired with three portions of rice and a bottle of water.

It did not take long until the order arrived and the size of the dishes was just huge. It did not that big on the pictures and I was happy to have not ordered more as planned in the beginning. The Fried Calamari had been very good and the vinegar dip in combination tasted really good to my surprise. Usually I would have not combined this but it is really good. The Sizzling Mushrooms had been very tasty as well and the Tender Tips were amazing. The Lumpian Sariwa is a Filipino vegetable dish composed of different vegetables with a soft (unfried) wrapper. I have not tried this by myself but I was told this was perfect too. We had been three persons but the food served was still too much for us.

Value for money wise we have paid 89AED for all the above mentioned which is extremely reasonable for the amount and quality of food we got. A unplanned visit with a very surprising good find of a Restaurant. If you are in Fujairah and you fancy Filipino food, make sure to pass by!

Reviewed: Al Mabrook Mabuhay Restaurant, Fujairah
Easy to find, simple but cozy.
Good Taste, huge portions.
Value for
A Little hidden gem.


Contacts for Al Mabrook Mabuhay Restaurant, Fujairah


09 223 1372


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