No evening plans? Why not visit RWAQ Ramadan at The Walk in JBR ?

‘RWAQ Ramadan at The Walk” features 5 zones, dedicated to Art, Food and Beverages, Retail, Art activities and Exhibitions, and will run daily from 7:00 pm to 2:00 am during Ramadan, and from 2:00 pm to 2:00 am during Eid. The event promises to reveal the true essence of Ramadan’s culture and tradition, through a unique concept, connecting contemporary art and cuisine to the region’s rich heritage and spirit of the Holy Month.

In addition to the different food and beverage section with Street food and contemporary Arabic fusion cuisine, there is an entire art activities and exhibition section. It showcases a full-scale light installation of larger-than-life 3D stars, titled “1001 Nights, Alf Laila wa Laila, by Tahir Sultan and Loop.pH, as well as the “Lunar Dome” designed by Loop.pH, which will represent the dynamic and slowly changing moon shape and the passing of time during Ramadan. Furthermore, there is also a Ramadan gallery, curated by Tima Ouzden, which exhibits works of leading artists with a focus on the Holy Month and the culture of the region. Last but not least, among the distinctive art installations, an interactive mosaic mural will also engage audiences, as it will be made up of hundreds of portraits generated by visitors. By printing their picture, participants will be able to donate AED 5 to Al Jalila Foundation, a charity that supports medical education and research in the UAE.

Sounds like worth visiting right?

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