Tried out: Iftar at 3in1, Vida Downtown Dubai

Last evening we had been invited to try out the Iftar at the 3in1 at the Vida Downtown Hotel here in Dubai. I am in Dubai since five years but had till date never been on a Iftar as I had been either out of country or busy with loads of things. This year that has changed and so I could experience the amazing Iftar at the 3in1 Restaurant of the Vida Downtown. The setting in itself already is really cool, you got a relaxed almost Mediterranean style indoor seating with a nice view to the outside Pool area with its Cabanas. There was as well the option to sit outside, but because of the high temperatures we decided against that. This place can as well be recommended if you want to take somebody on a Romantic Date out with these stunning settings.

The 3in1 is located on the Ground-floor of the Hotel, if you arrive by car and you use the valet parking you need to go one floor down. If you use the underground parking of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard you can use the Stairway 2 or 4 and get out in front of the Hotel which lets you enter the Restaurant from the front side. If you use the second option you will be stunned by the welcoming Pool Area with its stylish ambiance.

Once you are in you will find basically three different main areas. One is holding the desserts, another one the starters and in the middle is a live cooking station where you can get fresh starters done.  The Beverages are kept in an Ice Table in cool Swing Top Bottles. I had the orange juice and another one and both had been super tasty and full of flavor.

Alright, we got starters, drinks and desserts here and you might be wondering if there is no main course served here. Fear not, there is as well a main course, but here comes the big difference to usual Hotel settings where everything or nothing is in a buffet form. The Main course is fix and you will be asked if you are ready for the main course after you are done with the starters and it will be served at the table. That is a unique setup I had not experienced before, but I like it.

The Iftar at the 3in1 is an Arabic themed culinary journey at its best. Looking around we found a wide variety of saj, various salads, masses of different appetizers, stunning deserts, dozens of different dry fruits and hand really cool looking, and even better tasting, crafted beverages.  We tried out some of the salads, I had the noodle salad and the Beef salad which where very tasty.  The Hummus I had was very good too and aside from that we got some Manakish and Fatayer freshly made which were excellent. Not knowing what the main course is we stopped at this stage to not be full already before the main course would arrive.


After around ten to fifteen minutes the main course arrived, and what a main course this was! The portion seemed huge on the first view and would have probably easy been good for three persons. This is what we got on the mains:

  1. Lamb Oozi – a traditional rice dish with lamb which was delicate and the Lamb taste was delicious.
  2. Daud Pasha – a very flavorful dish cooked with vegetables and loads of herbs.
  3. Arabic Mixed Grill – a very good mix of chicken and Lamb with an Arabic Twist on it and grilled to perfection. I even thought of asking for a refill on this,,
  4. Chicken in Gravy – I am normally not a big fan of chicken with Bones, but this one was so good that I did not bother about it. I love chicken and I am usually very critical if it does not match my taste, but this one did not disappoint at all.

Despite having no choice on what main course is served the served choice was superb. The amount of food even for two persons as we had been was a lot, but nevertheless we made it to the dessert section afterwards. As well here the selection is huge and we took a few samples, I would have loved to try the Raspberry Jelly but was just too full already at that point.

My first Iftar in the UAE was a stunning experience and completely different than expected. I loved the ambiance of the Vida Downtown and the bright selection of desserts and starters. The Staff was super friendly, welcoming and helpful and made the whole experience the delight that it was.  Thank you very much Vida Downtown for having us.

More Impressions in the Gallery below:

Reviewed: 3in1, Vida Hotel Downtown Dubai
Glamorous setting, chic interior, great ambiance with the Pool in front.
Superb selection of Starters and Desserts, stunning Main Course...
Value for
very good price for the quality you get..
If you want to have an Iftar with an Arabic touch you are very right at the Vida Downtown Dubai..

Contacts for the Vida Downtown:


04 428 6888



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