This weeks BBM Sticker Roundup

We are up another week in the calender, Ramadan has started, and we got for you the latest BBM Stickers that have been released within this week. Of course Ramadan is a topic here as well. We got 8 Sticker Packs this time around with some of them being as low as 3.69AED.

  1. Smile for Ramadan by Susilo Saptoady,  a Ramdan themed Sticker back all around the holy month. 20 Stickers for 3.69AED.
  2. Miffy by Dick Bruner,  20 Stickers around the lovely character for 7.29AED.
  3. Macarooomates by PicoCandy, push up your BBM Messages with this funny macarons, 20 Stickers in here for 7.29AED.
  4. Ramadhan Kareem by PicoCandy, 16 Ramadan themed Stickers for 3.69AED
  5. Ramadan 2015 by Swyft Media, as well here 20 Stickers on the Ramadan theme for 3.69AED
  6. Snoopy and Friends by Peanuts,  Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown and Linus are just some of the renowned characters. 20 Stickers for 7.29AED over here.
  7. Father’s Day by Hi-Art.  10 Stickers for 3.69AED around the most important day of the year.
  8. Father’s Day Special by meemo, another 20 Stickers around the Father’s Day theme. As well here the price is on 7.29AED.

Are there any Packs in here that you fancy to get? If so head down to the BBM Shop to get them.

You can check below all new Sticker Packs in detail in the Gallery after the Break!

IMG_20150614_184823 IMG_20150616_170422 IMG_20150618_163627 IMG_20150618_163650 IMG_20150619_154818 IMG_20150620_085920 IMG_20150620_090225 IMG_20150620_090241


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