Updated: Restaurants that are open at daytime during Ramadan in the UAE!

In case that you are not fasting during Ramadan we have put together a selection of Restaurants and Cafes that are open at daytime during the holy month.  We will not list Hotels here as they are having their All day Dining and most even some other outlets open during the day anyways, and that is by law. So if you are not sure even after seeing out list – head down to a Hotel! My Favorite is definitely Doner & Gyros, and I am really thankful that they remain open at a couple of locations so I can get my fix.



Abu Dhabi


These are surely not all, but these are places I kinda like as well. There are loads of other places open as well probably, so  if you know any more places just leave a comment or mail us!

Last updated: 03.07.15

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10 thoughts on “Updated: Restaurants that are open at daytime during Ramadan in the UAE!”

  1. There is also Belgian Beer Cafe in Intercontinental Abu Dhabi. Usually it open only for dinner and evening but a special lunch menu is available during Ramadan, and it opens at 9am.

    1. Thanks for the info. Hotels had been left out by me as they have to keep at least one restaurant open. But thanks for the info.

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