Reviewed: Jim’s Kitchen Table, Masdar City

This Restaurant is probably one of the biggest hidden gems around. Have you ever been to Masdar City in Abu Dhabi or heard of it? You are not alone, me neither. But yesterday we passed by Masdar City close to the Abu Dhabi Airport. Main Reason for me was to try out their driver-less point to point personal rapid transport system that brings you from the parking to Masdar City.


But Masdar City offers as well Restaurants and Cafes such as Jim’s Kitchen Table.  That is where we stopped. Jim’s Kitchen Table  is a Italian/ International Restaurant that as we houses an own Bakery and a Retail store for some of their goods. The place looks stunning from the inside. Very cozy with its huge sofas where you can sit and relax with a lovely cappuccino. Or you sit on the upper level and enjoy the view over the Restaurant. If you got kids you will be happy to know that there is a kids play area as well where your kids can play around while you relax. Awesome. If you look around a bit more you will realize the lights are kitchen items, a pot upside down for example. Pretty cool as well. (check out the pictures in the gallery below)

The menu comes a bit different here on a board. A pretty cool idea I haven’t seen before like this. Studying the menu we decided to get a water bottle, a vanilla shake, the grilled chicken breast and the Salmon Fillet with Wasabi mashed potatoes.  The service staff was super helpful and explained the items they had. Shortly after ordering the drinks came and sipping on the Milkshake I found this one probably the best Vanilla Shake I ever had. The flavor was just amazing.


The main courses came soon in time as well and the grilled Chicken Breast I had was tasting really good. The chicken was tender and grilled to perfection, in combination with the sides this dish was a delight. The Salmon Fillet with wasabi mashed potatoes that my wife had was really good to. I had never tasted wasabi mashed potatoes but they are really tasty, I could not have imagined that before. Given they own bakery and the nice looking selection of cakes we had decided to take as well a Strawberry Cheesecake slice to share between us.  As well here the the taste was amazing. We both agreed that this was better than any other cheesecake we had so far in the UAE.  Jim’s Kitchen Table has really pushed boundaries here.

Value for money wise we paid 166AED for our order which is totally fair considering what you get here. Jim’s Kitchen Table is definitely worth a visit even for the little hunger or take away. While we walked out I had a look on the fresh breads they are selling and took 6 little baguettes with us which came in on 2AED each, as well more than reasonable.  If you have not been yet to Masdar City and/or Jim’s Kitchen, make sure to try them out! We will be back soon as luckily it is almost located on our way home.  In case you need directions to Masdar City just follow the link to the website down in the contact section!

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Reviewed: Jim's Kitchen Table - Masdar City, Abu Dhabi
located within Masdar City, cool Ambiance, cozy setting
simply amazing, from the shake over the main courses to the dessert
super Friendly, paying lot of attention
a hidden secret a bit out of Abu Dhabi, but so worth it.

Contacts for Jim’s Kitchen Table, Masdar City


02 491 9401


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