Reviewed: South St. Burger Co. – Ibn Batutta Mall

We had been in the Ibn Batutta Mall the other day and ended up with a little hunger. Checking the Entertainer app we found South St. Burger Co.  offering a buy one get one free deal on a combo, so we chose to go there.  I had often seen South St. Burger but never actually been there.

We went for a Cheeseburger and a  Cheese’n Bacon Burger combo which came already with fries and drinks. While the inside seating is quite nice we sadly could not use it as it was just too hot in there, so we decided to use the food court seating instead. The Burgers had been custom made as per our requests with the toppings we liked.

The two Burger Combos had been ready after only a short time and we could pick them up at the counter. The burgers where good and tasty, but if you compare them to a Shake Shack or GBK Burger these are not up to speed.  The fries though had been pretty good and we finished them which is quite unusual. Value for money wise we had been very good thanks to the Entertainer app, but if I had paid the full price the value would be less as other Burger chains as Gourmet Burger Kitchen or Shake Shack are delivering here more for an almost equal amount.

Restaurant Review: South St. Burger Co. - Ibn Batutta Mall
inside the Tunisia Court Food Court, easy to find
Ok Burgers, good fried
Value for
very good if you got the Entertainer app, if not there are better options in the market
OK for the quick Burger in between, but not up to par with GBK or Shake Shack despite being on the same price level.

Contacts for South St. Burger Co. – Ibn Batutta Mall


 04 423 8018



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