Movie Review: Jurassic World

So here is as well our Review of the freshly released movie “Jurassic World”. Jurassic-World

Jurassic World continues directly after the first Jurassic Park from 1993 and forgets about the two sequels. But is the new film that good to make us forget about the two other installments?  Let’s have a look!

In 1993 the time was ripe: Traditional special effects with animatronic puppets from the side of Stan Winston had reached at its peak. Digital effects were  finally at a quality that they are no longer perceived as foreign objects.

With this conditions Steven Spielberg hit the perfect time to send the cinema audience in Jurassic Park into a spectacular journey of the world of dinosaurs and to show them a movie in a quality they had never seen before. The out of this resulting Dino-Mania held the world in its grip for several years thereafter.

The sequels Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park 3 still remained in the shadow of the original. The audience had perhaps gotten to fast used to the CGI dinosaurs and the magic of the first park visit would not be set again. 14 years after the disappointing third part of the franchise Universal tried now to review the Jurassic Park brand again, politely ignoring the events of the two sequels which in my opinion was the right step.

We are going Back to the Island!

Similar to the real time that passed by as well the plot of Jurassic World plays almost 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park. The Dino amusement park Jurassic World offers its guests for almost two decades, the risk-free opportunity to get to know the world of dinosaurs up close in a theme park.

Jurassic World looks exactly like theme park planners would want such a place: a mixture of Disneyland and Sea World, only that instead of dolphins and orcas giant dinosaurs are the main attraction here. Every day around 20.000 visitors are brought to the island to observe live shows like the feeding of a T-Rex, or use the Monorail to go more deeper into the island. Daring tourists as well use canoes or over sized hamster wheels with whom they can go up closer into individual areas of the park.

Although the super-rich entrepreneur Simon Masrani (played by Bollywood legend Irrfan Khan), who is the new owner of the park, managed quite worthy the heritage of John Hammond, it seems an unholy alliance of PR experts and scientists are always designing new dinosaur DNA on adrawing board to attract more visitors to the park.

The latest creation is the “Indominus Rex”, the new T-Rex-killer and future magnet for Jurassic World. But of course it comes, as a complete surprise (at least if you haven’t been to the cinema in the past 20 years), to an outbreak of this killer dinosaur and a subsequent chaos in the amusement park that is Jurassic World.


New Heros

Unlike the last two Jurassic Park films the only 38 years old directorial newcomer Colin Trevorrow renounced the usage of previous cast members. And while almost every movie could have a bit of Jeff Goldblum in it, I can easily cope with the absence of Sam Neill and Laura Dern in this one.
The main role is taken here instead by “Starlord” actor Chris Pratt, who plays a former Navy soldier who has now specialized in the training of raptors and, of course, is one of the less persons on the island that always make the right choices.

Quite in contrast to Claire, played by Bryce Dallas Howard who, as Park Director, especially haunts profitability of the park and among all the appointments and PowerPoint presentations total forgets that her two nephews are going to visit the park and would love some attention of hers.

The basic framework consisting of adventure, career obsessed woman and two not too stupid kids could easily have been taken directly off a Spielberg film of the 80s, but shows during the course of the movie quite good human traits. Especially the development of Claire does not end in a stereotypical dead-end as in the days of Willie Scott from “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”.

Instead, almost all participants behave pleasantly comprehensible and as well Owner Masrani or scientist Dr. Henry Wu do show more character facets in here. While in here no one in my opinion has the charm and wit of Jeff Goldblum, the characters in Jurassic World are nevertheless very pleasantly down to earth.


The hunt for the Turbo Dinosaur and the rescue of the two children from the by Dinosaurs overrun Park is done in a visually very appealing manner, and can convince with the traditional mix of CGI and animatronic effects. But you would expect that on a budget of 150Million Dollars.

Fortunately, the film does not follow the new trend to make every action scene at least five minutes longer than required and to strive for a total running time of about three hours. The pace of Jurassic World is well paced and leaves, after a half-hour introduction to the park, actually no more breaks. The product placement of Mercedes and Samsung falls not particularly to the eye, if you have ever been in a Disney theme park you will, very likely, see this as a quite realistic representation of what you have seen there.

But what doe actually raise Jurassic World over the two predecessors? It is the close connection to Jurassic Park, which is more homage than Remake: You can see the traces of the history of the first parks on Isla Nublar, and now you get another chance to feel like a visitor of a giant theme park.

Of course,  despite being close the original theme Jurassic World never gives the big surprise that you felt in 1993 when the very first movie came out. This is thanks to the CGI cinemas of these days that made us too used to see amazing and impossible things on the screen. But if you can remember this time, you will feel right home in Jurassic World.


Who would have thought that: With Jurassic World directorial youngster Colin Trevorrow creates something that even Steven Spielberg and Joe Johnston did not really succeed with- an exciting sequel to the classic Jurassic Park movie. A sequel that is loaded with believable characters, provided spectacular Dino Action, yet does not forget heart and humor. A film that brings the park concept to the commercially styled Starbucks presence of today and with this is brings completely new heroes. Specially in the two kids you can see somehow the spiritual fatherhood of Steven Spielberg.

But not only the clever brothers from the nearly divorced parents bear the signature of the master. Many action scenes as well tug quite similarly strongly on the nerves, such as the famous kitchen scene in the first part. Especially lovers of the original will be pleased with many connections to the first part and therefore nostalgic moments of happiness that were astonishingly missing in the first two sequels.

Even without knowledge of the previous movies we are getting here a successful summer blockbuster which will probably not generate a new Dino Mania, but it certainly does set main actor, and Guardian of the Galactic, Chris Pratt finally to be the Harrison Ford of the 2010s. A Movie well worth watching for the whole family on the big screen.

Acme Blog Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Jurassic World is showing in UAE Cinemas now and you can watch again the Trailer below:

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