This weeks BBM Sticker Roundup

Another week has passed and we got for you the latest BBM Stickers that have been released within this week.  In total we got 8 new sets available this week. All sets contain of 20 Stickers and all are available for AED7.29 in the BBM Shop.

  1. Fadeproof by Hi-Art, Some everyday expressions that are sweet and feisty
  2. Cheerful Pororo by Iconix Co. Ltd., some cheerful expressions with Pororo and friends
  3. Keith Kimberlin Cats in Arabic by Keith Kimberlin, for me definitely useless as hell, but if you want to terrorize friends with Cat Stickers, here you go.
  4. Dumb Ways to Die Summer by Dumb Ways to Die,  another set showcasing dumb ways to die in a summer edition.
  5. Geek Pack by Billy Attinger, this one is a pretty cool pack featuring some geeky stickers.
  6. Let’s Rock by Rahmat Novriko, Rock and Roll for your chats!
  7. Misa Q by Misa. Q, some expressions of this lively and cute girl
  8. Emily The Strange by Rob Reger,  want to tell somebody to get lost? These stickers will help you doing it without having a personal converation.

Are there any Packs in here that you fancy to get? If so head down to the BBM Shop to get them.

You can check below all new Sticker Packs in detail in the Gallery:

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