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“Entourage” was an extremely popular series that ran on HBO from 2004 till 2011. Now the series has finally made it to the movies and the main characters of the series are in the lead roles again: Kevin entourageposterConnolly (Eric), Adrian Grenier (Vince), Kevin Dillon (Johnny Drama), Jerry Ferrara (Turtle) and Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold) are back again and the best thing is that “Entourage” is as well written and directed again by Doug Ellin.

The Plot in short: Once Vincent Chase was only a greenhorn from Queens, New York, who sought his fortune in Hollywood and wanted to learn the rules of the glamorous life of high society. But even then he had gathered his very special group of people behind him who always hold his back: His friends from the district:  Eric, Turtle  and Johnny. Years have come and gone, but the guys are still hanging around together and are planning the next big coup. Helpful with this could be Vincent’s former agent, Ari Gold , who has now risen to an influential studio boss and knows exactly how you have to move in the shark tank of the dream factory, in order to succeed. Ari is currently working on his first blockbuster and offers Vince the leading role. Vince finds the offer very tempting – but also want to direct the movie. From here the fun starts over again.

Even if you have not seen the the TV series this movie guarantees you a fun ride in which – for me- Ari steals clearly the show. This guy is so hilarious between anger attacks and the attempt to get the additional money for his golden boy to finish the movie.  This together with loads of parties, crazy scenes and countless cameos makes really a hell of a fun flick to watch. I cannot remember all of them but I saw Liam Neeson, David Arquette, Pharrell Williams, Ed O’Neill, Warren Buffett, Jessica Alba and Mark Wahlberg. But there had been plenty more that I could not remember.

[pullquote]Johnny Chase: It’s like when a girl asks if you want to bang her hot sister. Of course you say ‘no’ but neither of you really believes you mean it, though. [/pullquote]

But is “Entourage” really worth watching? You are getting here a version that is clearly cut on many occasions as suddenly a scene does not make any sense after an obvious cut, but it is not as bad as in The Wolf of Wall Street.  Nevertheless,  if you are looking for a good time out and lots of laughs than “Entourage” is a must watch movie for you in my opinion.  In case you do not know the series you will be brought up to speed during the movie with Pierce Morgan who interview like reviews where people came from previously.

Verdict: Entourage is a must see if you want some good entertaining Comedy.

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The Movie is showing in UAE cinemas right now and below you can watch the Trailer:

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