Reviewed: SlapFish, Ibn Batutta Mall

Last Night we had been visiting SlapFish at the Ibn Batutta Mall in Dubai.  SlapFish is located at the China Court close to Jumbo Electronics. It has a very stylish look with tables reaching to the ceiling and even one table directly on a platform next to the window glass in case you love to be watched. It all remembered me about a typical American Seafood Restaurant.

When it comes to the menu you will be handed an iPad mini to see what is available and see even pictures of the dish you want to choose.  We ordered the Calamari Fried, the Sweet & Spicy Chilli Shrimp Pops, a Lobster Toast and the Traditional Fish and Chips paired with a bottle of water.

The starters in form of the Calamari Fried and the Sweet & Spicy Chilli Shrimp Pops came pretty soon and the taste would be as good as the look this would be a great experience. The Calamari were great and the Tartar Sauce it came with was a perfect addition.  The Sweet & Spicy Chilli Shrimp Pops are the SlapFish equivalent to P.F. Chang’s Dynamite Shrimps and are very good as well – and as the name says – Spicy.  Unfortunately our water order was still now not delivered to the table which made me (as normally non spicy eater) a bit nervous, but after asking for it again this was solved.

The Traditional Fish and Chips was very good as well, not too soft and really tasty, bit the chips where way too much for me.  The Lobster Toast was yummy and very has the advantage to be very light on the tummy, I really liked the taste of it despite normally being no Lobster fan.

Value for money wise we paid 143AED for the starters, main and drinks which is really fair and compared to what you get a bargain.

Overall SlapFish is, unexpected for me as somebody who does not eat much fish, a really nice place with a good selection of dishes where even the most choosy person finds a match. We had been very happy with out selection and thanks to the near to the Cinemas this is a place we surely visit again before or after the Movies.

Reviewed: SlapFish, Ibn Batutta Mall
Cool Interior, stylish kept in red and white
Good taste, Nice presentation,
Forgetful but friendly, maybe it was just too late
Even if you are not in to Seafood , you will not walk out unhappy.

Contacts for SlapFish, Ibn Batutta Mall


800 SLAP (7527)





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