Reviewed: Caffe Spasso , Burjuman Center

Just before hitting the Spy Movie Premiere last night at the Burjuman Center in Dubai we had passed by Caffe Spasso for dinner.  It is located in the Food Court on the third floor of the Burjuman Center and looks actually quite nice. The wooden floor and arrangement of the place is simple but comfortable. When we arrived around 6.40 pm that place was empty. We had been the only guests so everything should be perfect I thought…

We ordered a Cheese Garlic Bread, a Spasso Siciliano Burger and a Baked Rosemary Chicken Wrap. After some waiting time the Burger and the Chicken Wrap arrived. The Cheese Garlic Bread as starter was unfortunately forgotten… Did I mention we had been the only guests still? Impressive.  The Burger having a foccacia bun  was OK, but not really stunning or in any way memorable.  The Baked Rosemary Chicken Wrap was actually tasty despite not much chicken actually having been found in it.  This would definitely be the only reason to return for me.

Overall the choice seems not too bad but the items we ordered where not really special or able leave any very positive remembering on it.  Reviewed: Caffe Spasso , Burjuman CenterValue for money wise the visit is alright, but for the same price I got way better burgers elsewhere. For me there would be no reason to repeatedly visit this place.

Reviewed: Caffe Spasso , Burjuman Centera
Food Court located, rustic charming
OK Wrap, less than average burger,
rarely seen, not really caring but friendly
Average at best.

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