Reviewed: JF Street Food, Dubai Marina

I had been out in Dubai Marina and visited JF Street Food. If you know where Just Falafel was located, his is the same spot. Just Falafel had reinforced its philosophy in bringing the world’s oldest recorded street food in a modern day dining experience with a new brand and concept – JF Street Food.  Not only the name is different. It looks as well different. Way more styled and cozy. If you walk inside you surely want to dine in. There is a big board with loads of funny and cool things written on it. The kitchen is open and you can see how your Falafel, Shawarma or Shawurger is made.

Shawurger? Yes, this is a mix between a normal Burger and a Shawarma. Soft like a burger, but tastes majorly like a shawarma. For me a great combination.  Despite thinking about a Shawarma Platter I could not resist to try the Shawurger.

The Shawurger does not look huge, but it is full of taste. I loved the softness of a classic burger paired with the lovely taste of a good Shawarma.  Creating this was really a brilliant idea. The best of both worlds.  The Shawurger came with french fries which had been very tasty.  Overall this is a really cool place even without outside seating. You can enjoy your favorite Shawarma and chat away with friends and find all over cool design ideas in this Restaurant,  For me the re-brand worked. As I did not like Falafel and would have never again visited this place as I was expecting it only serves Falafel by the name. Now that it is re-branded I found out the different options they have.  I will surely come back, and at that stage I will get a platter…

If you visit the Dubai Marina branch you might want to know the following:

You will get 25% off the total bill when you check in at JF Dubai Marina on Facebook!
Valid from  Tue, 19 May, 2015  To  Thu, 31 Dec, 2015
 How cool is that please?
Reviewed: JF Street Food, Dubai Marina
Stylish, interesting, easy to find
Great Food, great Shawurger
helpful, fast, very friendly
If you enjoy Shawarmas and all its variation of it, make sure to visit JF Street Food..

Contacts for JF Street Food, Dubai Marina


04 452 9966






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  1. Marina is one of the nicest place in Dubai! I didnt have that much time to tour around the place because I visited a cousin in Marina Medical Centre when she has tried a treatment in her skin. I will definitely go back here

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