Kcal Extra Day 5: The end of the week

Here comes day number five, and with it the final day of my one week Kcal Extra try out.  Thursday means almost weekend and so I am excited to see what the last day got for me.  Picking up the Kcal Extra bag in the morning from the security left me with hope on another day with new food experiences.

My breakfast for today consisted of Cloudy Bacon Eggs. Never had this kind of eggs before (I usually have them boiled or scrambled) but this is a very nice variation as well I have to admit.

Snack was a very tasty Chicken Satay Skewer with dip. Again this could have been as well my main dish and dinner because it was so good. The Lunch this day was a superb Moroccan Beef Tajine that was a hymn for the taste buds.

Kcal Extra

PM Snack was a for me completely new variance of Cheesecake. A Cappuccino Cheese Cake. As weird the name sounds, the taste was actually really nice. Again this is something I would have never ordered in a Bakery or so because I just could not imagine how Cappuccino and Cheesecake can work together in one dish. But it does.

Dinner on the final day of my try out was a fantastic Salmon Teriyaki which came already with Broccoli Coli-flower and was served with additional Green Beans.  As well here the taste was just amazing.

Again you can check below the Gallery for today’s dishes:

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