Kcal Extra Day 4: Healthy does not mean no taste

Here we go with day number 4 of my Kcal Extra week. Before I started this one thought I always had on healthy food was that it does not match my taste and it is only veggies. The first three days have already proven me wrong on the veggies. But I also must admit that my opinion on healthy food must be having no taste(based on nothing of course) was wrong. So far I loved the last three days I spend with Kcal Extra and can’t wait to go further.

Day number four started with a Granola Yoghurt and
Kiwi.  I am not a huge fan of Kiwi’s but the Yoghurt was really good and tasty.  AM Snack came in form of Sweet Potato and Spinach Roulades.  These are Amazing, I wouldn’t mind having the same for lunch, and dinner. Spinach is one of my favorite foods anyways and this combination was just incredible.


Lunch for today was Beetroot Salad with Grilled Dori Fillet. Again as well here the salad tasted super fresh and the Grilled Dori Fillet was yummy as well.  If I this continues I will probably get a Fish expert. PM Snack was a something I thought was in the bag my mistake. A Choconut Peanut Butter Bar. Chocolate? Sounds like a plan to me. So far I had this week a quite nice variety of AM and PM Snacks, but this one was the biggest surprise for me, I had never expected Chocolate. And even the chocolate was tasting good.  Note to myself: I think I start to love healthy food.

Dinner for the day was three Kofta in Tomato Sauce rolls which came together with some grilled vegetables. The Kofta was well complimented with the tomato sauce and I ended wishing the portion could have been double the size. Not because I was not full, but because it was so tasty.

Again you can check below the Gallery for today’s dishes. Check back tomorrow when I write about day 5!

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