This weeks roundup of BBM Stickers…

Another week has passed and once again we tell you which BBM Stickers sets have appeared newly in the BBM Shop this week.

In total we got 7 new sets available this week. All sets out of Birthday contain of 20 Stickers and all are available for AED7.29 in the BBM Shop.

  • FunChat Playball by FunChat brings you various Ball Designs inspired by Manga’s.
  • Casperius Librarium by Casperius Librarium is the Sticker pack towards the same named brand created by Maiki.
  • Birthday by viamedia gives you the right Sticker pack to send to your friends and family on their special day.
  • High Skull by Maya Studios are High-school and University themed stickers of these funny Teenage Skeletons.
  • Stick Tunes Music Pack by Billy Attinger gives you the chance to say something with the sound of music.
  • Akhi Laki & Ukthi Luki 2 by Tempa Labs gives you stickers containing the twin sisters living their life with optimism.

Any Packs in here that you fancy to get? If so head down to the BBM Shop to get them.

Continue reading to see all new Sticker Packs in detail.

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