Reviewed: Ultra Brasserie – Marina Plaza , Dubai Marina

We had been for late Breakfast or early lunch at Ultra Brasserie at the Marina Plaza in Dubai Marina. In case you don’t know it, the Marina Plaza is the Tower on the left side of the Dubai Marina Mall. It has own guest parking available on multiple floors but you can of course as well use the Dubai Marina Mall parking and walk over.  If you are coming from the Marina Walk you can as well walk up the few stairs to reach Ultra Brasserie.

For us this was the very first visit to the Marina Plaza and I must say this is a pretty huge place. Ultra Brasserie is located on the Ground floor and you can either sit inside with a view on the water or outside on the Terrace.  The ambiance is really nice and vibrant and the wooden floor makes it even more cool. The interior is stylish and the whole design is really chic.


Ultra Brasserie serves fresh. where possible locally sourced, healthy. Gluten Free, Organic food. It is the perfect spot to just relax over a fresh juice or coffee while chatting with friends or colleagues. We got ordered a hot chocolate and a Cappuccino together with a Pumpkin and Marrow soup for the beginning.

The Cappuccino came shortly later and the look of it alone was stunning. I loved the word Ultra written on it. Almost to cool to drink. The Cappuccino as well as the chocolate was super. The Soup of the day, which we could even test before ordering, was great as well. IMG_0117

As it was somewhere between Breakfast and lunch still we went for a Ultra XL Breakfast which I choose to have with scrambled eggs. I was a bit wondering and much impressed when I was asked if I want the eggs soft, medium or hard. This is a question you are not getting even in the most five star Hotels.  As well we ordered the Balsamic glazed New Zealand angus beef tenderloin Medallions which get served with green beans, potatoes and mushrooms.  The scrambled eggs had been amazing, the Bloomber Toast it comes on is in itself already great. It got served with baked tomatoes, turkey bacon, portobello mushrooms and sweet potato rosti.  All of it tasting stunning, and normally I am not a huge mushroom and tomato fan, but in this case the taste was stunning.

The Balsamic glazed New Zealand angus beef tenderloin Medallions (what a title) came on one of the coolest plates I have seen in the last years here in the UAE. The presentation was perfect and even if the taste would be only half as good as the look we would still walk out stunned.  The taste was way better than that and easily lived up to the tasty look. The potatoes were very tasty and the angus beef itself was very soft and tender.

I would have loved to try out some dessert, a smoothie, a burger or a gluten free Muffin. But I was already so full that there was just no space.  But these will be surely tried out pretty soon when we return, the plans for that are already made…

Check out some pictures of Ultra Brasserie in the Gallery below:

Reviewed:Ultra Brasserie - Marina Plaza , Dubai Marina
Stylish, arty, chic and comfy
never thought healthy can be so tasty
very friendly, helpful and attention paying
A perfect spot to treat yourself.

Contacts for Ultra Brasserie – Marina Plaza , Dubai Marina


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