Kcal Extra Day 3: Can’t wait to get my delivery

Time for Kcal Extra Day 3. I woke up in the morning and already looked much forward to check what is in the bag for today.  First check, all looks great. Can’t wait for trying everything out.

Today I got a Big English Breakfast. Egg, Bacon, Tomato and Mushrooms had been on it. Great surprise for me, specially the egg and bacon. What a lovely start into the day.

AM Snack for day three came in form of a nut mix that was quicker eaten than I could take pictures. My bad. Lunch today was a Power Chicken Bowl coming with Broccoli and potato. This lunch was awesome. Just a short heat up was required and I am on the way to get a microwave fan. Never thought that something you can heat up in a microwave would really be any tasty.  But this convinces me. To be fair the huge difference comes probably rather from having freshly made food rather than frozen supermarket crap…

The PM Snack was a roasted Capsicum Feta with Carrot Sticks. Usually I make a big turn around Carrot’s , but with the Capsicum Feta together they had been quite nice.

Dinner for day three was a Veracruz Style Tuna fillet. Being quite critical with Fish, once this one was heated up it was soft, tasty and together with Italian Veggie Medley it was just very enjoyable. We are really talking about high quality food here. Just thinking about how much time has been invested to get this all prepared leaves me stunned. I wish I had this time, but even if I would still lack the complete skills to come even close to his…

This is what day number three of Kcal Extra got me. Stay tuned for day 4!

Below you can see today’s meals in the gallery:

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