Movie Review: Tomorrowland

With Tomorrowland Disney brings a science fiction film about a Tomorrowland-Poster-2015mysterious parallel world to the cinema, which is based, similar to Pirates of the Caribbean, on a Disney theme park. In this Movie Review you can find out how we liked the movie.

Walt Disney’s “Tomorrowland” tells the story of a mysterious parallel world which seems to be connected to the everyday reality of the people. While the story was written for the film itself, the scenario is based on a Disney theme park, similar to how it was the case already in  the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series.

Director Brad Bird already won two Oscars for the animated films “The Incredibles” and “Ratatouille”. “Tomorrowland” is now Birds second live-action film after “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” with Tom Cruise.

A mysterious World

“Tomorrowland” succeeds directly from the beginning to create a mysterious aura and make the viewer curious about what is waiting for him in the next two hours. Relatively early in the movie we witness the young Frank Walter at an innovation fair in the 50s where he introduces one of his inventions, thereby unwittingly he stumbles into a great adventure.

Just at the right moment, the action switches to the present and focuses on the teenager Casey Newton (Britt Robertson). Casey lives together with her father and her brother and is in terms of inventiveness and creativity an exceptional talent. She is also distinguished by the fact that she has an indestructible optimism and always strives to look for solutions, instead of accepting negative events. One day Casey is left with a mysterious amulet, but does not know how it came into her possession.

When she touched the amulet, she suddenly finds herself in a seemingly utopian world. Only after she  releases her fingers from the amulet again, the normal world resumes to be true again.  She also seems to be the only person in which the amulet produces this effect. Casey sets out to search for the person who could have given her the amulet, and ends up in mortal danger. She gets rescued by the little girl Athena (Raffey Cassidy) who brings her to Frank (George Clooney),  a frustrated older man.

With Frank’s and Athena’s help Casey tries to solve the mystery around the amulet and notes that the mysterious parallel world “Tomorrowland” is much more closely linked to their own everyday world, as it initially seemed. Residents of “Tomorrowland” have created an utopia where creative people realize their ideas and where, unlike the usual everyday world, prevail no greed, no envy and no grudge. Casey is fascinated of “Tomorrowland”and feels attracted by the glamorous looking location. At the same time the question arises, why Frank is disappointed as “Tomorrowland” connoisseur of utopian ideas and now lives in seclusion.


Optimism vs. Pessimism

There are people for whom the glass is always half full, while it is always half empty for others. This basic orientation in the consideration of life and the world around you is the great main theme of “Tomorrowland” and reflects on several levels. For Casey, life is a room full of possibilities, while Frank has retired into solitude and has given up the hope of a better world long time ago.

Visually, the thematic reflects the contrast between the everyday reality of people on one side and the parallel world of “Tomorrowland” on the other side. While quite often images of conflicts and disasters are shown in the everyday world, the parallel world of “Tomorrowland” is always brightly lit and seems, at first glance, as a symbol of all that what a person needs. As Casey over time finds out how related both worlds are and that an utopia can require a very high price, her optimism is put to the test.

The basic thematic and interaction between Casey and Frank are initially very interesting to follow, but loses fascination during the movie. It is simply not made enough out of the quite interesting subject itself. While a little social criticism does shine through, you are encouraged to think about your own attitude towards life and the power of thoughts, but in the end nevertheless the feeling still remains that some great potential was wasted. Of course is “Tomorrowland” primarily a pure entertainment blockbuster. But if you already take on this subject at least make something out of it.2

Fast action scenes with likeable characters

Despite its superficiality “Tomorrowland” succeeds to entertain up to the end. But this is delivered only through the cast and not the script. Casey, Frank (in young and old) and Athena are sympathetic from the very beginning and the chemistry between them works well throughout the movie. Britt Robertson is not yet omnipresent on the big screen and provides some freshness, George Clooney plays on the usual and expected high level and the young Raffey Cassidy convinces with her childlike charm and keeps some nice surprises. Even the supporting roles can convince, for example, Hugh Laurie (House MD) as suspicious Tomorrowland ruler David Nix or Pierce Gagnon as Casey’s brother Nate are both really good. I would have loved to see more of Hugh Laurie throughout the film, but that is just my 2 cent.

There are lots of dialogues and emotional scenes between the characters. The fast cut action sequences however convince rather by the surroundings than by suspense or choreography. When Casey is hunted by weird and permanently grinning “Men in Black” or a hectic battle is fought in a nerdy comic store full of Star Wars items, then indeed you are entertained. But in terms of presentation nothing really new is offered here.

The quieter scenes convince not across the board, but the characters are believable enough that especially sensitive viewers may feel the odd emotional moment to be particularly exciting. For even more sympathy you would have had to offer more than just pretty pictures and lovable characters.


“Tomorrowland” is an above average Sci-fi movie for the whole family, which stands out due to the images of an utopian world and the sympathetic characters. However, the content behind the beautiful bubble has been insufficient to ensure a memorable movie experience. The topic tricks the viewers to believe a deeper meaning and generates high expectations, which, unfortunately, it does not do justice in the end.  “Tomorrowland” was good enough to give us an entertaining evening at the movies, but you should not expect something really special over here.

Acme Blog Movie Rating:  3 out of 5 stars

You can watch the Trailer below:

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