Kcal Extra Day2 : Keeping the Spirit

Day 1 of my Kcal Extra week was really good. It did not feel difficult to eat less and more healthy at all. That the food delivered was really tasty as well did make it even more easy for me.

Day 2 started with me picking up my bag from the security of the place I am.  I directly looked out for the surprises coming this day (I did not check my menu plan to have a bit more fun). For Breakfast I got a healthy tasty Zucchini Cake. I actually had never before eaten Zucchinis and was surprised how good this cake is. Again the thought arises to always keep an open mind on taste and food….



My AM Snack today was Chicken Bites. This already made my day. I love chicken nuggets (Ok surely not even close as healthy) and getting Chicken Bites made my day even if the rest of the dishes would not be any good. They had been really good and I begin enjoying having a small snack in the morning after the first few hours of the day.

Lunch was a salad, OK it was a Chipotle Beef Salad that blew me away completely. I do have now and then Chicken Caesar Salad, but never had a Beef Salad. I had no high expectations on it but the Dressing and the salad was tasting really fresh and good. The salad was still crunchy and the beef soft and light. I think I could enjoy this meal daily.

My Afternoon snack was quite late this day and so the ACE Balls just went down the throat. They were not bad but as well not something to remember forever. Of course it is not easy being measured on the Beef Salad and the Chicken Bites…

Dinner for today came in form of Feta chicken with Kohlrabi and a Quinoa Fennel side Salad. Sounds difficult and complicated? Maybe. But it tastes really lovely. The day was food wise a day of surprises (set aside the Chicken Bites) with dishes I had in this way not experienced before.

I was really looking forward for Day 3 and the surprises it might bring.

Below you can see today’s meals in the gallery:

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