Movie Review: “Spooks: The Greater Good”

We had been out last night to see the Movie Premiere of “Spooks: The Greater Good” at the Novo Cinemas at the Ibn Batutta Mall spooksmoviepostercourtesy of Gulf Film

“Spooks: The Greater Good” is directed by Bharat Nalluri and stars Kit Harington, Tuppence Middleton and Jennifer Ehle.

The Plot in short: When the charismatic terrorist Qasim Adam escaped the MI5 at a handover, the legendary Harry Pearce gets blamed for the misshap . Out of favor and forced to resign, no one not surprised that one night he jumps from a bridge into the Thames river. After the Qasim debacle the MI5 is facing the threat of a controversial reformExAgent Will Holloway is retrieved from Moscow and uncovers the truth that many have feared: Harry is still alive. And he needs Will’s help. While Qasim prepares a devastating attack at the heart of the MI5 in London, Will has to decide whether he he should be trusting Harry who has betrayed him before.

A little bit of James Bond, a bit of Jason Bourne and a bit of Jack Bauer, I loved 24 and the typical American portrayed way of an agency. Over here everything is a bit more serious which helps the movie to come over very authentic. Kit Harington in his role is brilliant and charismatic, caught in an inner twist between hating and helping Harry. Peter Firth who plays the role of Harry is probably the coolest person that could have been choose as his character. Serious, deadly, bad-ass.  These two persons have carried the whole movie and made it, despite being quite lengthy, not boring at all.

[pullquote]Will Holloway: You can do good or do well.[/pullquote]

For me this is the possibly coolest spy movie in years. It got all the right elements of action, thrill and mystery as I changed mind of who is the bad guy multiple times throughout the movie, and did not expect the person it was in the end. Very well done by the Director. Another good thing is that you do not need to have ever seen the TV Series of Spooks to understand or enjoy the movie. I have never seen it, but I am now curious to watch it because of the movie.

Verdict:  Loved every minute of it.

Acme Blog Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Spooks: The Greater Good will be in UAE Cinemas on 21.05.15 and you can watch the Trailer below:

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