Restaurant Review: Paavo’s Pizza, Jumeirah

We had been around the Jumeirah area the other day and so passed by Paavo’s Pizza on the Jumeirah Beach Road opposite of the Sunset Mall located inside the EPPCO Petrol Station. We had friends with us so we ordered a bit more. Unfortunately this branch is more for take away and delivery and not dine in with just 3 Bar chairs on a high table. But who cares? Fun is what you make of it!

Knowing already that their Garlic bread is awesome we ordered directly two boxes of it. Else we took one large BBQ Chicken Pizza and another large half Pepperoni half Margherita. Needless to say both Pizzas where very tasty as we had expected because we tried already another branch of Paavo’s before. Our Friends who had been with us were convinced as well, having had the same doubts as we before we tried them out the first time.  But there is no need for doubts. Even if you just stop to fill petrol, in only 5 minutes your Pizza is ready and you can drive off. Could it be better? Yes.

To have it better we ordered as well a chocolate Pizza as dessert. As well here the taste of the chocolate with the Banana and Strawberry is fantastic. Overall this is my new favorite Pizza Place. Hope they open soon a branch that offers some big seating space!

Reviewed:Paavo's Pizza, Jumeirah
easy to find, clean, stylish, sadly not much seating
simply great
friendly,patient, helpful
My new favorite Pizza Place.

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  1. I can’t find any email addresses to contact Paavos pizza.
    I have messaged them on Facebook and posted on their wall to ask if the new palm outlet delivers to local hotels.
    Nobody has replied in over 3 weeks.
    Not great service ?

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