Tchibo in the Dubai Mall sells a Darth Vader USB Stick for 49AED!

We passed by the newly opened Tchibo Shop in the Dubai Mall today. Tchibo is a German Coffee Shop that as well sells a lot of other items aside from their coffee. While walking though there I found a Darth Vader USB Stick with 8GB for 49AED.

It comes in a Tchibo packing so I thought it cannot be original but bought it nevertheless as I thought it is cool. Removing the Tchibo package it turned out that this is one of the ones build by Tribe. The original Tribe Box is still below the Tchibo Box!  This one is sold on Amazon for 26$. So the 49AED are a bargain! The also got the one of Yoda but I did not get it. Had I known these are the ones from Tribe I would…

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