Restaurant Review: Jollibee, Dubai Mall

It is not too long ago that Jollibee got the first branch opened in the UAE, located in the Level 2 Food Court of the Dubai Mall. We had been there on the opening day which was total chaos and ended up in us leaving.  My wife grew up with Jollibee and loves it, so we had to leave house early morning today for our pilgrimage to Jollibee’s at the Dubai Mall. IMG_20150516_093436

We arrived at the Food Court at 9:15 (official opening 10 for the most Shops and Restaurants) just to find out that Jollibee opened at 8. New is the Token machine on which you have to take a ticket to be served.  Funny on this is that the Token itself says that you wait for you number to be called, but actually nobody calls numbers up , neither is there a display that is working. Instead the security helps you to explain when is your turn…

As you can see at 9:20 we had already number 279. At that times it was serving number 130 or so. The security told us that it might take an hour, but even if we come later we don’t need to wait in queue and can proceed.

So we left for an hour and returned just to find out that it did not get further than 165 yet. The security told us another hour. Luckily the Dubai Mall is big and gives you enough shops to look at and spend time… After an hour we returned to find out that the 200 mark had just past. Stunning. 70 customer on 4 counters in 2 hours?  Normally I would latest at this point just leave. But as this is from my wife’s home country and I would have no happy life after just leaving I decided to wait further. Another hour later our number had indeed been passed and we could proceed. Not to the counter, but to the seated waiting area for the privileged few that will be allowed to soon proceed to the next waiting line in front of the counter.

1020Unluckily, or luckily, only 1 person is qualified allowed to go to the counter. So my wife wend and I kept waiting. For another hour or so. I felt so bored that I for fun took another token just to see where we are.  1020? Almost 750 people took numbers after us. Epic. I cannot remember any Restaurant that opened and had such a waiting time. One reason for this seems the sheer amount of food people who had ordered had been taking away. On some I thought they have probably invested their full month salary in Jollibee’s food.  I believe the Restaurant Management would have done good in restricting the order size in an attempt to push through customers more quickly, but fine.  They only restrict the purchase of Chicken Buckets to one. But you can order unlimited burgers and everything else…

We left the Food Court at 2:20 pm. 5 hours after we took the initial ticket. As well we spend more than 300AED on loads of food from Jollibee.

Moment of Truth, is this hype really worth the time? I tried at first the Yumburger Champ. A Beef Burger that looked quite good on the picture. But the special or amazing taste you would hope on after 5 hours of waiting did not turn up. It is not a bad burger per se, but if you compare it even with a Burger King Cheeseburger I would rather take that one.

Next for test was the Hot Dog. I must say this one was pretty good. The most Hot Dogs I tried were rather dry and not really tasty (Yes IKEA I talk of you), but this one is really good, and till now the only reason for me to go there again.

The Yum with TLC is a simple Cheeseburger which as well does its job to make you full when you are hungry, but taste wise this one is as well rather only average at its best.  The Jolly Spaghetti was good and so was the Chickenjoy.

Verdict: In my opinion the Hot Dog is definitely worth going there again, surely not with such a waiting time. Unfortunately the hype could not meet my expectations, but that is just me. Different people have different tastes. So my advise to you: Try it yourself and judge it yourself as well.

Restaurant Review: Jollibee, Dubai Mall
located in the Level2 Food Court, easy to find
average only Burger, good Hot Dog, good Chicken
Value 4
OK if you don't calculate waiting time
Overhyped and Overrated

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  1. Very disappointing! i have queued for so long but when i tasted the burgers and jolly hotdog sandwich the bread they are using are no longer aligned to the standard of the jollibee… i guess they are just using the bun same as with KFC!!!! will never recommend to my friends otherwise it’s just a waste of time!


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