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We went last night to see Mad Max: Fury Road at the Reel Cinemas at The Beach in JBR. It is 30 years ago that Mel Gibson played the role of “Mad” Max Rockatansky. Mel Gibson is obviously not apart of the actual cast, but legendary Director George Miller is again Directing and as well again one of the writers.Mad-Max-Fury-Road

I could now talk of the old “Mad Max” films starring Mel Gibson and whether the connection to the actual one fits. I could talk about the director who has meanwhile earned big bucks with movies like “Happy Feet” and “Babe”. But this would not be changing a thing to the effect of this insane action-blockbuster that lets you feel afterwards as if you had been driven over by a monster truck  – but leaves you still happy like a child.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” raises the genre of action cinema in just two hours to a whole new level.  You will sit amazed in front of a in itself fully conclusive universe that sometimes just combines the epic of “Star Wars”, the speed of “Fast & Furious”, but also the quirky tenderness of “Amélie” in itself. Everything is just right.

Gasoline, Blood and Breast milk

The world is broken, burned, devastated. Every man for himself, who slows down loses, it comes to bare survival. The monstrous dentulous Immortan Joe (for those familiar with the old movies: Yes, it is the Toecutter) leads a fascist regime in the Citadel which has water resources. In it  everything that is male, works, fights and is looking forward of dying while everything Female must be at the service to the ruling class, whether with blood, milk or body.

Should I ever become a Warlord in a post-apocalyptic future I will definitely have a mutant metal band accompany me wherever I go!

While the lone wolf Max (Tom Hardy) is captured by Immortan Joes insane Killer hordes and must serve as a martial spoiler figure, the extra-tough Furiosa (Charlize Theron) is on route with a Monster War Truck and protective convoy to an oil refinery to replenish the fuel reserves of the Citadel. But suddenly she deviates from the planned way and shortly afterwards their track crosses roads with Max.  But this is enough spoilers for now.

Tough, Tougher, Charlize Theron

Tom Hardy is a perfectly Mad Max, really mad, and especially so tight-lipped as you would desperately wish a hero in many other movies. But it is Charlize Theron’s character Furiosa that seeks stoically and with female pragmatics for a better world in which Max stopped believing a long time ago – Or has never believed in. Yes, strictly speaking, this “Mad Max” is a women’s movie, which – if you’re getting into it – profoundly tells of femininity. OK – you can relax again,  you do not need to engage in it.  Reason for this is that “Fury Road” works on every conceivable level, even if you only want to see explosions, look for babes of if you want to indulge in some detail-fetishism.

Because the set design is a celebration.jcnt2zomkchl_full

From the white-skinned War Boys and their weapons over the fire throwing-electric guitar of the guy on the stage truck to the endless armada of loopy vehicles from our wildest “Pimp my Ride” -Dreams. Wherever you look, there is something to discover. And the best comes here: For all this “Fury Road” does not even require 3D.  It is available of course, but that did not matter to director George Miller who shot Mad Max: Fury Road in 2D.

And then the dirt! I do not know about you, but while most action movies are getting more and more bombastic, to me the action itself seems to be increasingly disinfected on the top. To ensure that no one feels something. Not so with “Mad Max”: Above all, no matter how exaggerated explosions are,how much is rammed, cracked and torn, there is the dirt that bring the post-apocalyptic world with itself. And maybe therefore “Mad Max: Fury Road” hits full through the eye to the heart.

Verdict: An Epic Action Movie with a great case and amazing scenery.  Should I ever become a Warlord in a post-apocalyptic future I will insist on having a mutant metal band accompany me wherever I go!

Acme Blog Movie Rating:  5.0 Stars

Check out the Trailer below:

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