Tried out: Zomato Cashless

I am regularly using Zomato and posting my Restaurant Reviews as well over there. I love the website design and functionality and got in short time pretty addicted to it.

There is sadly no official App for BlackBerry to be used, but the Android version does the job. A function I found the other day was Zomato Cashless.  I registered my credit card on it and waited since for a chance to try it out.  That chance came up yesterday when we visited Osteria in the Burjuman Center.

I informed the Waiter before ordering already that I want to pay using Zomato Cashless. After we had been done I asked to pay and was shown the official receipt to confirm the positions.  The next step was opening the Zomato App on my phone and search the Restaurant. Once found it shows already as below “Pay with Zomato Cashless”.


Click this link and you will be guided to Your Tab. Here you can enter the Promotion code (you will get 50AED one time if you use the code GET50). On the bottom you will see the code. This code you have to give to the Restaurant staff in order to pay. Once you did so you just have to confirm the payment on your phone and that’s it.  No need to give your phone away , sign something or any other nonsense.  A receipt was mailed to me within minutes showing the price,, the promo discount and my pre defined tip I had given. It is that simple.


IMG_20150503_213354(Yeah , alright, the Android port does not display perfect on a BlackBerry Passport, but it works)

Overall I really like this function.  No need to carry a wallet or card with you, all you need is your phone and the most of us nowadays carry that anyways always with them.  Right now there are more than 300+ participating restaurants across Dubai already. So surely one is as well among the Restaurants you want to try.

If you happen to be a customer of the Emirates NBD, you can use that card for the transaction, and you will get a further cashback of AED 100 on your first Cashless transaction. This offer is of course a one-time only offer as well as using the Promo code Get.

For me this is a really coo feature and I will consider selecting restaurants based on availability of Zomato Cashless.

If you want to find out more on Zomato Cashless or register on Zomato itself you can do so by visiting the official website

You can as well download the Apps below:

iOS AndroidWindows

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