Reviewed: Wendy’s at Dubai Investment Parks

We passed by Dubai Investment Parks today , and as it was late we decided to pass by Wendy’s over there for some dinner.  Wendy’s is located within the Carrefour Building in DIP and offers as well drive through aside to the dine in option.

We went for some chicken Nuggets, the Double Beef Brisket Cheese
Burger, Beef Mushroom Rice  and  boneless BBQ Wings, I really like the boneless BBQ Wings at Wendy’s. The BBQ Sauce they use is really tasty.  The Double Beef Brisket Burger was a first for me and I must admit that it is quite good. It does obviously not reach towards competition like Shake Shack or Gourmet Burger Kitchen, but I find this one way better than the MC D’s and BK’s ones.  The Chicken Nuggets had been OK and the Beef Mushroom RIce was as well not bad.

If you are out to kill the hunger on a budget you will walk out happy and full. The french fries had been really good in my opinion as well.

Wendy's at Dubai Investment Parks
Easy to fins within Carrefour DIP
Nice Boneless BBQ Wings, good fries and Burger,
quite OK for a fast-food restaurant
A great place to enjoy Tapas and drinks with Friends.

Contacts for Wendy’s:


600 529 998





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