Restaurant Review: MO’s @ CityWalk, Al Safa

We have passed by MO’s at the CityWalk in Al Safa today on the way back from Festival City. They had been on my “to try” list for quite some time and today worked out with my timings.  MO’s is located on the little late on the inside of CityWalk. You can sit outside as well and relax, but with today having been quite hot we decided to sit inside. Walking in the Restaurant is way bigger than it looks from the outside. It is simple but very stylish designed and have a very calm and laid back ambiance.  The girls on the entrance had been very welcoming and friendly and guided us to the table chosen.

We got the menu pretty quickly and ordered a bottle of Water and a Latte Macchiato while checking out the menu.  Not being ready yet the waiter already followed up if we are ready. Paying a bit more attention and he would have seen we were still checking the menu but OK. Seemed he wanted his job done quickly…

We went for a Chicken Caesar Salad , a well done Classic Burger and Chicken Tenders for the little one.  Nothing was ordered as starters so I would expect everything coming together, but the Chicken Tenders came way earlier than the rest. Quite some time later the Burger arrived and shortly after as well the Chicken Caesar Salad.  First impression: All looks good. The Tenders were tasty and crispy and even the fries which came as side where really good. Nothing to complaint on these. The Burger was unfortunately cut into half, not really the way I prefer a Burger and I wish they would have asked me on this… If you charge 75AED for a Burger you should at least inquire what the customer wants. I found this quite disappointing and annoying. The Burger however was really tasty and the pickles gave the whole a real nice taste, surely this one is among the best Burgers I have reviewed in the last few years.

The Chicken Caesar Salad was OK, nothing special here as well, good taste, nice dressing, tasty chicken. But as well here is nothing outstanding or amazing to be found. It is a pretty simple straight forward dish.

Overall the ambiance of the place is really nice and cozy, though simple. The service was till end unfortunately not up to expectations despite not being really busy. Maybe the waiter had not his  best day today. If you are a Dubai Entertainer holder you can get over here one main course free on the purchase of another one. That does by the way not work for salad as it is not a main course….

Will we go there again? The breakfast menu looked interesting enough to give it a try. Here unfortunately the service has lowered the result…

Check out below some pictures of MO’s and our ordered items.


Restaurant Review: MO's @ CityWalk, Al Safa
Simple but cool Design, easy parking, nice ambiance
OK Salad and really good Burger
not blown away but OK
A nice place with nice food, but rather pricy for what you get.

Contacts for MO’s @ CityWalk, Al Safa:


04 344 3305




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  1. We went there after doing the sandpit run and rush a way race.I ordered the turkey burger (yes they cut it in two also—even my friends order was cut into two).Turkey burger tasted good for me. Good thing is that their servings is big so was able to satisfy my growling tummy.

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