Movie Review: Monsters: Dark Continent

We had been out last night to see the Movie Premiere of “Monsters: Dark Continent” at the Novo Cinemas at the Ibn Batutta Mall 23-04-2015_Monsters Dark Continent_Official Postercourtesy of Front Row Filmed Entertainment .

The Drama/Sci-fi/Thriller “Monsters: Dark Continent”  is directed by Tom Green (Misfits) and starring Johnny Harris, Sam Keeley, Joe Dempsie, Nicholas Pinnock, Kyle Soller and Parker Sawyer.

The Plot in short:  Ten years on from the events of Monsters, and the “Infected Zones” have now spread worldwide. In the Middle East a new insurgency has begun. At the same time there has also been a proliferation of Monsters in that region. The Army decides to draft in more numbers to help deal with this insurgency.

I had seen the first installment “Monsters” before and have truly liked it, so I was really happy when Monsters: Dark Continent got announced to be released.  I had quite high expectations on the sequel, despite knowing that in most cases sequels are not as good as the first part. There are Monsters in the movie yes, but they rather serve as a background and do not really involve too much in the story.  I would have loved to understand how they made it from Mexico, where the first movie was set, to the Middle East, but well.

The Monsters themselves look pretty good and real, but have too less involvement in the movie. It focuses in the beginning quite a lot on introducing in length each single character of the Detroit boys who decide to join the Army and hunt Monsters.  Despite the introduction I could not really relate to them.


Arrived in the Middle East they are very soon out to knock down their first Monster. The Monsters behave like rather peaceful Elephants throughout the Movie than being really bad Monsters. Nevertheless they are being hunted, but they are not the only ones being hunted. After some standard missions patrolling around the towns and seeing the impacts of War in these areas  the Team gets deployed on a mission to rescue another team which got missing. On the way to them the soldiers are hunted as well by Terrorist and their cars are taken out as they run into a trap.

Only four of them survive this and so the  surviving members of the Team try to escape the situation and stay somehow ahead of their enemies which does not work very well for them. They are captured in the end by the terrorists and can only escape when Monsters turn up in that area just to take away the attention from the real Monsters. Humans. Monsters that let a dog fight against a little alien Monster that is forced to defend itself and kills the dog for that reason. Monsters that bomb villages and kill civilians in the name of protection from Aliens. Monsters that want to kill everybody who looks and speaks different and cannot communicate properly in the same language. Monsters that build traps in order to kill soldiers that only want to protect others….MDC_38I guess the message of the movie is that Monsters are everywhere in any form. Soldiers, terrorist, normal people who do cruel things to animals and so on. Anybody could be a monster in some way and it could even be in you and me.  I do like the message and it makes people think. I just don’t think that the screenplay around this was done very well.  The movie is a war drama for me with slight Science Fiction elements which are the Monsters. But these would not even be required after all in this movie to deliver that message, but the film would require a different title than. That again would in the end be good as it would not mislead you believing in a real sequel to the first installment.

Verdict: It is not a bad movie for me, the idea of the story is good. But it is just not delivered great and I found the movie too long for the story told.  Being a fan of the first part I would surely give a third part a try. Where hopefully the Monsters themselves have a role and are not just background wallpaper. The acting itself was good even it wouldn’t win an Oscar for anyone involved. If you want to watch Monster: Dark Continent because you loved the first movie you will probably be disappointed.  If you go and watch it expecting a war drama you will probably end up being not too unhappy with it.

Acme Blog Movie Rating:  3.0 Stars

“Monsters: Dark Continent” is showing in UAE cinemas since today and as usual you can watch once again the Trailer below:

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