KFC promises to deliver everywhere on Twitter – and proves it!

It is not even a week ago that KFC made a pretty brilliant marketing stunt and delivered 3.000 chicken sandwiches via Helicopter to Kite Beach in Dubai.  Of course all news sites and as well Twitter picked it up with KFC themselves posting on Twitter the below:

We are living in Alghadeer which is on the edge of Abu Dhabi and way closer to Dubai than to Abu Dhabi being just a couple of meters away from technically living in Dubai. The place is great and has plenty of advantages but as well one huge disadvantage: Food deliveries. Knowing that there is no real choice on Restaurants delivering here I found the tweet above  to be questioned, knowing KFC certainly does not deliver to us. So I replied on their tweet the below, not really expecting any answer on this to be honest.

Not much later than I posted that KFC had replied. Not only replied, but as well accepted the challenge. Well. that was unexpected, but pretty cool.

A few messages and phone calls later we agreed for a delivery on Tuesday evening at 8pm. The door bell rang good 15 minutes earlier and indeed the first ever KFC delivery to Alghadeer happened.  Not only did they bring the order that I have placed. They even brought a KFC_2bunch of flowers with them which topped all expectations and left me for a moment speechless (and that does not happen very often). On top of the anyhow not very small order we got as well plenty of Krushers and Tiramisu!  But the icing on the cake was that the whole delivery was completely free as well in the end.

We had a great fun evening with loads of tasty chicken, Krushers and Tiramisu.  Chapeau! to KFC Arabia for replying on Twitter and even blowing all expectations with a delivery to a pretty remote area like Alghadeer. I have always liked KFC , but this made me a Fan.  We hope now that Alghadeer hopefully soon will be regular available for delivery!

If you are hungry and starving now for KFC:  Give them a call on 600522252 and get your fix!

More pictures are coming soon as my battery collapsed afterwards...

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5 thoughts on “KFC promises to deliver everywhere on Twitter – and proves it!”

  1. Hey that’s pretty cool, and not to mention RARE that somebody actually went the extra mile in this part of the world. Usually, its just a seller’s market here, but with these efforts, KFC just etched itself on all our minds!
    Although I don’t like their burgers much, I’m gonna challenge them next to deliver to Karama on a Thursday evening, where no bikes (forget helicopters) can reach! 😉

  2. It was just a publicity stunt for KFC..I live in Al Ghadeer tried to order 2 days ago and they refused. Even I after I mentioned your blog and their slogan..

    1. Of course it was. But they are checking options to get into the petrol station close by as they have during day time orders from Industrial City, but working only with a hefty minimum delivery amount.

  3. This is not true, I just called KFC after reading this post and they declined to deliver.

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