On how many countries does your Passport give you visa on arrival?

Well, that is an interesting Report. It shows you how many countries your passport lets you get visa on arrival without big stress. Some countries are surprising for me, some not so much….

1. USA / UK    147 Countries

2. France, Germany, South Korea  145 Countries

3. Sweden, Italy   144 Countries

19. Croatia, Chile  124 Countries

47. United Arab Emirates, Dominica , Peru  72 Countries

52. Qatar  66 Countries

54. Kuwait  64 Countries

57. Saudi Arabia, Philippines , Bahrain  61 Countries

63. Oman  54 Countries

68. Jordan  49 Countries

70.  Iran, Libya  47 Countries

73. Lebanon  44 Countries

80. South Sudan, Palestinian Territories, Myanmar  28 Countries

You can see the full list here: (LINK)


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