Restaurant Review: Pizzaro @ Discovery Pavilion , Discovery Gardens

We had been in Discovery Gardens when we got a bit hungry in the early afternoon. Checking the Dubai Entertainer App we found Pizzaro close by in the Discovery Pavilion. So we passed by to get something to eat. It was quite early and we had been the only guests in at that time. We chose to sit outside as the weather was really nice and the outdoor seating is partially behind the Discovery Pavilion and hence in shadow.

We got the menu pretty fast and started with an order for a bottle of water, an apple-juice and a Strawberry Smoothie.  For the starter we ordered the Calamari Fritti and as main a Pizza Marhgerita, a Lasagne and Linguine Frutti di Mare.

The drinks did not take much time to arrive and the Strawberry Smoothie was just amazing with the fresh strawberries on top. The Pizza Margherita came very soon as well which made us a bit wonder if the understanding of Calamari as a starter is different here than it was for us. Starter = served before the main course. So we thought. Well. The Lasagne and the Linguine came as well in short time so we asked if there is no complementary bread in this branch as it is in the other branches. Well, turned out there was, but it was forgotten or so. Hmm. We were still the only table with guest inside and outside as this time… Asking for the Calamari which we ordered as starters the waitress was honest and said she simply forgot it, but would bring it now. Not a big deal, but if you order it as a starter you don’t expect it as dessert.

Lesson to be learned from this: If you work in a restaurant and you have not a well trained memory : Write the order down. That would have prevented a disappointment and would have brought the full five stars on the service section.

Overall Pizzaro is still one of my favorite Italian casual Restaurants. Ok, I would prefer the Fishing Harbor location, but the food is great in the Discovery Pavilion as well, not really much to complaint about out of the service…  The price with 202AED is absolutely fair for what you get.


Pizzaro @ Discovery Pavilion
good to find, nice outdoor seating
Lovely Smoothie, great Food
Friendly but forgetfull
Great food in a good location, gut service ain't up to speed.

Contacts for Pizzaro:


 600 520 000





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