a positive experience with Etisalat…

when coming home yesterday neither phone, TV or Internet was working. With other words the worst situation you could face if you are an addict to these. After restarting the main box in the wall nothing worked unfortunately.

Only choice was to call the Etisalat support on 101.  Of course immediately flashbacks on exact the same scenario back in April last year came to my mind.  Again 10 days without Internet? Impossible, I would have to move to a Hotel if that happens. Impossible to stay such a time without connections. Specially as over here is no 3G or 4G internet available on the mobile….

So I called up the Etisalat Helpline. Restart the box,  tell which lights are on, exact the same procedure as the last time. Scary. But it got even worse. They told me they will make a ticket and a technician will come out. The déjà vu was perfect. Asking when that might be I just got the info I will get a call before somebody comes. Damn, I’m lost.

Today morning surprisingly I got a call from somebody who I could hardly understand due to a bad connection. But I got Etisalat. I told him where I live, the villa number and that somebody is home all day.  Around early afternoon I got a message with the result. It is fixed and working again.

Having had extremely bad experience with the support of Etisalat in the past I was very pleasantly surprised that within less than 24 thuhours everything is fixed. That exceeded my expectations by  weeks. I am complaining often about Service over here, but credit where credit is due. Etisalat has done a fantastic job this time and fixed my problems in no time. Well done.

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