Pringles has launched Three new flavors…

Pringles has launched three exiting new flavors to their range of amazing  Potato chips. Now and for a limited time only you can buy Pringles Onion Rings, Pringles Smoked BBQ Peppers and Pringles Sweet Chilli Sauce in a supermarket near you. The three will be available only until end of March of this year.

pringles1I had the pleasure of trying out all three new flavors as I got them send over for checking them out. Yeah, on days like this I love blogging even more. After having tried them all I must say they are all great, but my favorite is definitely Pringles Smoked BBQ Peppers.  A smoky taste combined with bell peppers and a slight spicy  is my first choice and a great companion for a day at the beach or in the desert. I bought two more of these as a precaution for the next days.

The next one coming close to this is Pringles Onion Rings. I have actually never liked the taste of onion rings on chips, but these are really tasty.  They have a slight sour cream taste as well. Definitely a good choice.

The last ones I tried was Pringles Sweet Chilli Sauce. I usually avoid Chilli where I can and was not sure if I would like them. I popped them in my mouth and they really taste like Pringles dipped in Sweet Chilli Sauce as you would get served with egg rolls in a Restaurant. Surprising that you can get that taste without the Sauce itself.  They are little sweet and a bit sour. Really tasty after all.

I hope that they will keep them longer in the range than only end of March. Else I have to buy some stock in advance. And if you don’t know which flavor is for you, buy them all and judge yourself which are the best.

The new Pringles flavors are available in every proper Supermarket or Petrol-station.


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