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We were out last night to see the Movie Premiere of Dragon Blade at the Novo Cinemas at the IBN Batutta Mall courtesy of Gulf FilmDragon Blade is starring Jackie Chan and John Cusack and Adrien DRAGON BLADE - Final Poster_headerBrody and is directed by Daniel Lee.

 The Plot in short: Huo An, the Commander of the Protectorate of the Western Regions, protects China’s border, securing peace among the warring tribes on the Silk Road. He often has to enter fights to settle disputes, slowly earning respect from all the tribes. When a convoy of gold bearing a foreign insignia is discovered inside China, he is accused of treason and sent to the border as a slave laborer. With only a small group of his most loyal soldiers, he must fight to survive in the prison camp. General Lucius leads a small army of Roman soldiers to the border gate and outmatch the Chinese border guards. But when Huo An enters the battle, he single-handedly turns it around and earns the respect of Lucius. Among the Romans is a blind boy called Publius, the youngest son of Rome’s Consul Crassus. Crassus was assassinated by his ambitious eldest son, Tiberius, who is leading 100,000 soldiers towards the border gate, employing subterfuge to kidnap Lucius. With the help of the neighboring tribes, Huo An builds an army that can fight the Roman war machine. In the midst of battle, Huo An locates Lucius who has been tortured, but it is too late to save him. He avenges the death of the Roman general, killing Tiberius in single combat. Despite the great loss of life, Huo An has restored the honor of Lucius and secured the borders of China from ruthless invaders.

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I have seen and liked Movies starring either Jackie Chan, John Cusack or Adrien Brody before. But I would have not expected such an epic History Action Drama set in 48 BC when 36 nations where fighting for the rights on the land in the Silk Road region.  If you expect a typical Jackie Chan action/ comedy movie you have failed massively, it isn’t, out of the first scene.  It has action , a lot, mainly sword fights or cross bows shooting around, but no typical Jackie Chan Kung Fu fights.

John Cusack as Roman soldier is pretty cool despite the low amount of lines he has in the movie, but the show is stolen by Adrien Brody, he really plays the perfect villain here.
Dragon Blade is in my opinion a certainly worth watching movie. It has a superb storyboard and the cinematography is admireable.  It is a  heart-warming movie about brotherhood, racial harmony and peace. I have enjoyed the movie quite a lot, and the 2 hours duration are not feeling long at all.

Acme Blog Movie Rating: 4.0 Stars

Dragon Blade is officially releasing in UAE cinemas on February 19.

You can watch the Trailer below:

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