Dear Empost, do you know what service is?

I was waiting for my new cheque book to arrive the last few days. Unfortunately by Bank has decided to send it via Empost. Having had already plenty of experience with various postal and courier services here in the UAE, Empost however topped it all.

The Bank said on Monday they handed over the papers to the courier.  I missed 2 calls in the morning from them (as i found out later) which were to get my exact location. Calling back their number is impossible unfortunately. Why would you do that? Why would you not give customers the chance to call back? I called the service hotline where I was told I need to answer the phone when they are calling. Well, if I am busy with customers or for whatever other reason cannot answer than this is the way it is. I am not living to not miss a phone call from Empost.  Unlike Aramex where the call center is competent and can assist your on Empost you get a reference number which you can follow up. Brilliant.  Somebody eventually called me last afternoon to get my address, which is explained very clearly.

Today I had to call the call center again to find out my documents are out for delivery. An hour later the delivery guy called me to ask the location again. I gave it once again to get a call another half an hour later to tell me he is on the location but he was told I am not working. As I found out, he went to the exact wrong location and not to the one given (literally 2 kms away from each other in Musaffah).

The best part however was that this part of Musaffah is not his area so he needs to give it to another driver and I can get it delivered tomorrow. WTF. I got him finally on leaving it in the other office in order to get it today, I would sadly have as well no confidence that tomorrow would work…wtf

Thanks to Empost I have to pass by the other office now to pick up something that they have messed up. Well done. Rest assured, the next time my bank wants to send me something, or anybody else I will not accept a delivery through Empost. The service level there is just unacceptable.

You had one job, to deliver the documents to the location provided, and failed glamorously without even thinking about a customer oriented solution.

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  1. I not get the call from empost what I do ? I all ready go there 2/3 times for the check . they told me comming call from empost but I not get call .. please help me if any body know tell me what I do . thanks

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